Atlanta Stroke Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Frustration may seem like an understatement when talking about the misdiagnosis that you or someone you love has received and endured. However, the confusion and hurt that you likely feel should not prevent you from filing a case against the responsible medical providers. An Atlanta stroke misdiagnosis lawyer could help you or your loved one recover compensation from the responsible parties in your case and fight for you during this tiring and stressful time. Reach out to a team of client-centered attorneys today to start your claim against the wrongdoers in your life.

Common Misdiagnoses for Strokes

Some common misdiagnoses for a stroke could blood sugar problems. As people’s blood sugar gets really low, they may show signs of confusion, slurring their speech, or mobility issues. Epilepsy and multiple sclerosis have some of the same symptoms, including difficulty in moving some limbs and numbness. Sometimes people who present with signs and symptoms of a stroke, slurred speech, confusion, and mobility issues are misdiagnosed as being drunk or on drugs.

Those who have been misdiagnosed are eligible to take legal action. If they believe they are misdiagnosed as a result of not receiving prompt treatment to break up a clot or to stop bleeding into the brain and significant injuries result, they would be eligible to take legal action. This is where an Atlanta stroke misdiagnosis lawyer and his or her in-house medical professional could start building a case against negligent parties.

Types of Diagnostic Errors

In stroke cases, there are a lot of different types of medical diagnostic errors. These include failure to run the appropriate test to detect where the clot or the bleeding is, failure to review the test appropriately, failure to perform an adequate work up to determine that the person could be having a stroke, failure to administer drugs quickly enough, and failure to consult a neurologist specialist. Neurologists are trained to deal with a lot of these strokes and to diagnose them. Sometimes the frontline division in an emergency room fails to bring those specialists in on a prompt basis to diagnose the condition and get treatment to the patient.

Who Could Be at Fault for an Atlanta Stroke Misdiagnosis

Besides the doctor in question, the specialist, such as the neurologist, may be at fault for a misdiagnosis. Also, the surgeons who might have been brought in to help deal with the stroke, the nurses who were attending to the patient, and the hospitals if it did not have proper guidelines on the administration of those clot-busting drugs and testing could be at fault.

First Steps for Victims

After discovering a misdiagnosis, the first thing a patient should do is seek immediate medical care to make sure that he or she is receiving proper treatment for his or her stroke and complications from it. Then, the person should consult an Atlanta stroke misdiagnosis attorney.

Lawsuits Against Medical Professionals

In certain situations, a patient who is misdiagnosed with a stroke should file a lawsuit against the responsible medical professional. If, as a result of the misdiagnosis, the patient was delayed in receiving that life-saving treatment or treatment that would significantly reduce the effects of the stroke, they should seek legal guidance from an Atlanta stroke misdiagnosis lawyer as to whether or not they have a valid lawsuit.

Speak Directly and Immediately to an Attorney

If you or someone you love has suffered because of a misdiagnosed stroke, then you need to reach out to a team of client-centered attorneys who could help you recover compensation from responsible parties. An Atlanta stroke misdiagnosis lawyer could gather evidence of medical malpractice, build a case, and present any relevant evidence with cutting-edge courtroom technology. Reach out at any hour for your free case review.