Atlanta Medical Malpractice Settlements

A person has an option of settling anytime the parties are willing to negotiate and discuss settlement. This can occur prior to a lawsuit being filed, or at any stage during the lawsuit and even during trial. Before settling, it is strongly encouraged to seek the consultation of a skilled medical malpractice attorney. An experienced lawyer could provide you with valuable information and insights regarding Atlanta medical malpractice settlements.

Going to Trial in Atlanta

There are a few reasons one might want to go to trial rather than take a settlement. Sometimes, the liable party does not offer enough money to make Atlanta medical malpractice settlements attractive. Some may decide that no matter how much money is offered, they may want to have their day in court and have a jury render a verdict.

Taking a Settlement Rather than Going to Trial

A medical malpractice trial is an all-or-nothing scenario. However, settling is a way of ensuring that the victim receives some compensation for their injuries. They may avoid going to trial where they might not win and would recover nothing. Another reason to avoid trial is that trials are time-intensive and emotionally draining for victims of malpractice. In some cases, the emotional trauma of having to relive all these things again may be a situation that someone might want to avoid, and they may settle the case instead.

Steps to Ensure a Settlement in a Timely Manner

The most important thing a person can do to ensure they receive their settlement in a timely manner is providing the attorney handling the case, with the information they need. Sometimes, basic information is needed like social security numbers. A person needs to make sure they are available to sign the documents required to complete the settlement as soon as possible.

Specific Information a Person Should Bring to a Consultation

When someone has an initial consultation with an attorney regarding Atlanta medical malpractice settlements, they should bring all the medical records related to the situation to discuss with their attorney. If the individual kept a journal or notes from their doctor’s visits or from the time they were in the hospital, those things are important to share with their attorney.

They should bring the contact information for any of their friends and family who went to the doctor with them or saw them at the hospital who might be good witnesses. It is important to give the attorney the medical bills and a summary medical history related to the incident and disclose any other disease, conditions, or medications that they were taking at the time of the event.

Hiring an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney

A seasoned malpractice attorney can help by making sure the release documents and the settlement documents are drafted quickly. They follow up with the defendant and their insurance company to make sure that the settlement check is received on a timely basis. For help with determining whether your case should go to trial or agree on a settlement, consult with an attorney about Atlanta medical malpractice settlements.