Columbus Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries may arise in a variety of different forms that could include brain injuries, severe burns, amputations, blindness, and multiple fractures. Whether it is the result of an auto accident, work-related accident, or a defective product, the financial and emotional effects it could have may be devastating. Often, such injuries could result in a lifetime of medical treatments and continuous life-care support. It may only take one serious injury to drastically change a person’s life. Someone who faces such injuries may want to seek the legal services of a Columbus catastrophic injury lawyer.

A skilled injury attorney could analyze the case and fight to pursue compensation that may alleviate some financial stress. Compensation for damages suffered may help a person recover more comfortably and with his or her finances intact.

Long-Term Implications of Catastrophic Injuries

The long-term realities of medical treatment, rehabilitation, disability, and loss of enjoyment of life could permanently alter the life of a person who was injured severely. Common injuries that may be considered catastrophic often include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI);
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis;
  • Internal organ damage;
  • Loss of hearing and vision; or
  • Permanent nerve damage.

Catastrophic injuries differ from other types of personal injuries that may involve fractures, cuts, or burns that could fully heal over time. They are typically more extensive and could stay with patients for the rest of his or her life. Furthermore, a catastrophic injury could affect an individual’s quality of life and prevent him or her from performing daily activities without assistance.

Pursuing Compensation in Columbus

Finding different legal options, with the assistance of a Columbus catastrophic injury lawyer, may result in compensation which could substantially increase a person’s quality of life as he or she faces potentially staggering health and life-care costs. There may also be more than one party who bears responsibility for the person’s injuries, which could alter the circumstances of the case.

In a catastrophic injury case, the amount of liability insurance available to the injured person may not be sufficient to cover all of his or her medical treatments, lost income capacity, and pain and suffering. Moreover, many insurance policies do not adequately compensate for the high value of damages in a catastrophic injury case.

Potential Issues When Pursuing Compensation

One common issue that may arise is the potential inability to identify the party who could be held liable in court. Identifying the wrong party in a claim to establish negligence could negatively impact a person’s case. For instance, if a defective machine part was the cause of the accident, a person may assume the owner of the machine could be responsible. Instead, the liable party may be the manufacturer that designed the parts, but that could be easily overlooked if the case is not analyzed thoroughly.

Time Limits in Catastrophic Injury Cases

A catastrophic injury victim has a limited amount of time to file his or her claim in Columbus. The statute of limitations generally specifies how long he or she has to file the claim after the injury.

In most personal injury cases, the injured person has two years from the date of the accident to file a claim. However, properly adhering to the statutes of limitations could be tricky and case-specific. A Columbus catastrophic injury lawyer could help determine what time limits may apply to a person’s case.

The Role of Negligence

The person or company who was negligent at the time of the accident may be considered liable. However, Georgia follows a legal doctrine called modified comparative negligence to assess who is at fault.

Generally, there are two important aspects that stand out. First, the injured party may recover damages only if they were less than 50 percent at fault. Second, if the victim was also negligent at the time of the accident, the original negligent party may only be liable for the percentage of damages they caused, although there are certain exceptions.

Contacting a Columbus Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic injuries could leave a person with both physical and emotional trauma. Expensive medical bills and costly property damage may hinder a person’s recovery. Someone in financial distress after sustaining severe injuries in an accident may greatly benefit from contacting a Columbus catastrophic injury lawyer. Schedule a consultation today and begin building a credible case that could assist a person in fighting for fair compensation.