Contacting an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury is the injury that changes or ends someone’s life as opposed to an injury that merely inconveniences them. Many firms focus on helping people who are injured. Fewer law firms focus solely on representing people whose lives were dramatically changed or ended.

A personal injury lawyer provides claim options on how to resolve conflict and obtain compensation caused by another person’s carelessness or a corporation’s negligence. A capable personal injury lawyer offers guidance, counsel, and expertise. Contacting an Atlanta personal injury lawyer can be helpful to someone hoping to replace what they lost through financial compensation.

Why People Consider Contacting an Atlanta Accident Attorney

When someone is injured because of a vehicle accident, a factory’s dangerous machine, or chemical, or by the carelessness of a doctor or a hospital, they should know they have a serious injury. The other side starts working immediately so the injured person needs to contact legal counsel as soon as possible. Sometimes, contacting an Atlanta personal injury lawyer gives the individual an idea about how to follow up after their accident.

Why it is Critical to Consult Legal Counsel

The most important reason to contact a lawyer as soon as possible is to avoid making make mistakes that can have consequences that are difficult to fix down the road. Contacting a lawyer early gives a person the chance of leveling the playing field when the other side starts right away. For example, in a truck accident, it is not uncommon for the trucking company to have their lawyers on the scene before the truck or trailer is removed. They have the advantage of seeing where the skid marks are, knowing where the materials are, and identifying where the vehicles ended up.

Contacting an Atlanta personal injury lawyer can be useful when taking measurements before they are washed away by rain or weather. In a products liability case, the lawyer must be there on the scene before the machine is destroyed, modified, or repaired. In a medical negligence or malpractice case, the lawyer must start early so the injured person can get the best care and be advised about how to proceed without making mistakes or admissions that can hurt them.

Defining Beneficial Characteristics of an Experienced Attorney

The person should look into how the prospective lawyer stands up against their peers because that shows how hard they worked in law school and how they are regarded by peer lawyers.  They should look at the lawyer’s AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell. If the lawyer does not have a rating, they should not be considered.

An injured person needs an experienced personal injury lawyer who actually tried cases against insurance companies, doctors, trucking companies, and product manufacturers. If they go up against a company that does not take cases to trial, they are never going to be paid full value. The best settlement is the ability to get a jury verdict that protects the client from having to take less than full value on their case.