DeKalb County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

A severe injury that requires long-term treatment or is permanent is often termed a catastrophic injury. Paralysis, birth injuries, some injuries to the eyes, third-degree burns, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injuries are some examples of this.

Such an injury can affect your life financially, emotionally, and physically. The realization that your accident resulted due to someone else’s carelessness can prove to be truly overwhelming at a time like this. However, a passionate DeKalb County catastrophic injury lawyer can help guide you through the legal process to get the compensation you need. Speak with a capable personal injury attorney that could advocate for you.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is defined as one that prevents a person from continuing gainful employment. Burn injuries, amputation, traumatic brain injuries, spine injuries, and paralysis injuries are all examples of potentially compensable catastrophic injuries.

If a catastrophic injury occurred due to someone else’s recklessness or negligence, a person may have a viable claim. The extent of this injury often leaves individuals confused and anxious about their next move. A DeKalb County catastrophic injury lawyer can help pursue a claim for compensation if the injury was caused by the intentional or negligent actions of another.

Impact of Injuries and Compensation

Each injury comes with its own unique challenges. However, one aspect all these injuries share is that they have significant and negative impacts on the lives of the victims. The long-term effects of such injuries affect the person psychologically, financially, and medically.

People who suffer such catastrophic injuries might be faced with:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lack of physical capacity and mobility
  • The inability to take up employment and earn an income
  • Long-term medical bills for various surgeries, medications, and physical therapy

When a victim accrues these losses, they can file a claim to recover for these losses. A DeKalb County catastrophic injury lawyer can work with an individual to create a thorough claim.

Punitive Damages

In Georgia, to be eligible for punitive damages, a person prove that the defendant’s misconduct was intentional and indicated fraud, malice, oppression, wantonness, and a studied indifference and complete disregard for the victim’s well-being. All this must be supported by clear and convincing evidence which is a strong standard of proof. While punitive damages are not that common, they can be huge.

Future Damages

Many catastrophic injuries require extensive medical care over a long period of time and may also result in a significant loss of future income. These future losses are also compensable. Since a person generally cannot reopen a claim, it is important to calculate these losses when filing a claim.

Contacting a DeKalb County Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Due to the various legal and medical facets involved in a catastrophic injury case in DeKalb County, it is a good idea consult an experienced personal injury attorney. Our team includes ethical and aggressive attorneys and medical professionals dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve.

If you suffered a severe injury due to the actions of another, you should seek the assistance of a committed and judicious DeKalb County catastrophic injury lawyer to safeguard your rights. Call today to speak with an attorney about your case.