Fulton County Outpatient Surgery Center Negligence Lawyer

Outpatient procedures have become an increasingly popular option for patients in recent years that present a more convenient and cost-effective alternative for certain types of surgeries. However, outpatient surgeries are not without a certain level of risk, and patients who suffer a medical injury at a surgery center may be entitled to compensation for their losses. Contact a Fulton County outpatient surgery center negligence lawyer today if you suspect your injuries were caused by the misconduct of a medical provider.

A skilled surgical error attorney with the help of an in-house doctor could assess the merits of your potential claim, help you understand your legal rights, and advise you regarding the best next steps.

Potential Risks Associated with Outpatient Surgery

There are numerous potential risks commonly associated with outpatient surgery that patients should be aware of. Outpatient surgery centers are generally only equipped to handle minor procedures. If an emergency arises, the outpatient surgery center may not be properly equipped to handle the complication, necessitating the transportation of the patient to a hospital.

Some of the risks and errors which may arise in outpatient surgical facilities include:

  • Surgery errors,
  • Medication errors,
  • Surgical tools that are not properly sterilized,
  • Negligent early release of a patient,
  • Inadequate facilities and/or equipment,
  • Medical record errors, and
  • Anesthesia errors.

A Fulton County lawyer handling an outpatient surgery center negligence case could launch a comprehensive investigation into a victim’s claim to determine what factors caused his or her harm. A skilled attorney could determine which party or parties may have acted negligently and tirelessly pursue just financial recovery on the victim’s behalf and with cutting-edge courtroom presentation technology.

Fulton County Malpractice Laws

If someone wishes to pursue a malpractice lawsuit alleging outpatient surgery center negligence, it is important to be aware of the laws governing these types of cases.

Deadline to File a Lawsuit

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 9-3-71, individuals who wish to file a medical malpractice lawsuit must do so within two years for the date of the injury. The law also establishes a five-year statute of repose in cases where the victim did not and could not have discovered his or her injury from the outset.

However, this means that no matter when the alleged malpractice was discovered, if it happened more than five years before the victim files his or her claim with the civil courts, that victim could forfeit his or her right to compensation.

Affidavit Requirements

As outlined under O.C.G.A. § 9-11-9.1, when filing a malpractice lawsuit, the victim must accompany the complaint with an affidavit signed by a medical expert. The affidavit serves as an affirmation that a qualified medical expert is able to provide evidence that the medical provider did, in fact, act negligently and that the negligence caused the patient’s injury.

In certain cases, it may be possible to obtain an extension of 45 days to file the affidavit. If the victim fails to file the expert affidavit by the designated deadline, the court may dismiss his or her lawsuit. A Fulton County outpatient surgery center negligence attorney could ensure compliance with all applicable statutory deadlines.

Speak with a Fulton County Outpatient Surgery Center Negligence Attorney

Medical errors of any kind — even when they occur during an outpatient procedure — could have catastrophic consequences for victims. In some cases, such errors could even prove fatal.

If you feel you have been injured due to an act of negligence at an outpatient surgery center, do not hesitate to seek qualified legal representation as soon as possible. Call today to speak directly with a Fulton County outpatient surgery center negligence lawyer and discuss your options for financial recovery. Attorneys are ready to take calls after hours and review your case for free.