Pros and Cons of Settling an Atlanta Aneurysm Medical Malpractice Case

It is understandably hard to imagine placing a value to the loss of a loved one or the harm you or your loved ones endured because of an aneurysm medical malpractice case. With the numerous pros and cons to settling such a case, it is wise to have a team of client-centered attorneys on your side. Legal professionals could help you understand the settlement process and work to resolve your case with a favorable outcome.

The Benefits to Settling a Case

One of the benefits of settling a case rather than going to trial is that the parties have a little more control over how the case ends. For victims of negligence, settling a case allows them to secure some financial compensation for their injuries. Anytime victims go to trial, there is the risk that if they do not prevail, they do not get anything for their financial injuries. One of the benefits of settling is having a known amount that could compensate victims for their injuries.

Another benefit for victims of malpractice is that a settlement helps bring about closure. These are very difficult and emotional cases. In a lot of circumstances, injured victims end up reliving some very painful and traumatic moments. Being able to obtain some closure and move on as opposed to having to sit through a trial and relive a lot of the bad things that they went through is an added benefit for them.

Does Settling Mean Less Money for Victims?

Settling a case does not always result in less money being awarded. For one, if victims settle a case that they would have lost at trial, then they recover more money because if they lose at trial, they do not recover anything. In that sense, they are going to do better settling the case, but lawyers prepare cases for trial regardless and with the help of cutting-edge technology and in-house medical professionals. They do their best to get all the evidence that benefits the victims and helps them fully understand the damages.

Efforts like this puts the lawyers in a position to settle a case for as close to full value as possible. It is not a given that just because a person is settling, he or she is going to end up with less money.

Problems People Face When Settling an Atlanta Aneurysm Malpractice Lawsuit

The biggest problem that folks face when settling is trying to decide what the value of their case is. A civil settlement is for money. It is not to put anybody in jail. It is not to punish the alleged wrongdoer for his or her malpractice. It is to award the victim monetary damages. It is very hard for people to put a number on their pain and suffering or the loss of a loved one. That is not something that comes naturally for most people.

They need help understanding what the value of their case is. For example, in the case of the loss of a loved one – a death due to medical malpractice – people’s lives are priceless. They cannot put a dollar on the value of a loved one, but that is what the settlement process is about. That is probably the biggest challenge.

A couple of other challenges that people have is trying to understand what the process is and how it works. In many cases, insurance companies and social services such as Medicare and Medicaid have to be reimbursed from the settlement, and that is something that folks have a hard time understanding. Lawyers try to explain all that to victims and help make the process as easy as possible. Having an experienced team of legal professionals, will help the settlement process conclude as smoothly as possible.

Let an Atlanta Attorney Help with Settlement Efforts

There are numerous pros and cons to settling an Atlanta aneurysm malpractice case. While victims are able to maintain a sense of control over the outcome, they are also able to find a sense of closure that might not be found through trial. To successfully mediate your claim, reach out to a team of lawyers who take calls after hours and for your free case review.