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Hazardous conditions on the property of other parties could cause a wide range of injuries, from lacerations to traumatic brain damage. If you were hurt because of another’s disregard for safety, a seasoned attorney could help you hold him or her responsible. With the assistance of a Savannah premises liability lawyer, a property owner or operator’s negligence could lead to compensation for your injuries.

Defining Premises Liability

Under O.C.G.A. §51-3-1, a landowner or occupier may be liable for damages that others might sustain while legally on his or her property. For this law to apply, the injured party must have been on the property for a lawful purpose, and his or her injury must have been caused directly by a failure of care by the negligent party.

Conditions such as uneven curbs, loose carpeting, wet floors, or even lack of adequate security may indicate negligence by property owners if they fail to fix these conditions, prevent people on the property from approaching the hazard, or post proper warning signs. Common premise liability cases that a Savannah premises liability attorney could help with include, but are not limited to:

Differences in Duty of Care for a Property Owner

The application of premises liability laws can differ based on why the person filing suit was on the property where he or she was injured. Depending on how a visitor is classified, the standard of care the property owner owes him or her is slightly different. Consulting with a property liability lawyer in Savannah could help an injury victim determine how he or she would be classified and what effect this category might have on the outcome of his or her case.


An invitee is anyone who has an implied or express invitation to be on someone else’s property. For example, shoppers at a mall are considered invitees, so under state law they deserve the highest standard of care. When it comes to protecting invitees, property owners should mitigate any potential dangers or warn of their existence.


A licensee is someone to whom the property owner has given the privilege to be on the property. A party guest or a solicitor would be considered licensees and are subsequently owed a lower standard of care than invitees. The property owner has a duty to warn licensees of hazards that they may not realize existed.


Finally, a trespasser has not obtained the property owner’s permission to be on the property. No duty of care is owed to trespassers other than to not intentionally inflict harm.
The one exception to this rule is if the trespasser is a child. If so, the property owner must take reasonable care to prevent him or her from accessing potentially dangerous attractions such as hot tubs, swimming pools, and trampolines.

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