Alpharetta Burn Injury Lawyer

For many, burns bring to mind an injury caused by fire or a hot object. The definition of a burn injury is much broader than that, encompassing a full range of factors that could damage or destroy human skin. Examples include extreme cold, radiation, harsh chemicals, and even sunlight.

If your burn injury resulted from another person’s careless acts, an experienced personal injury attorney might be able to assist you with holding the reckless person accountable. Litigation is a viable option for a burn injury in many cases and could lead to a significant financial settlement. With the help of an in-house medical professional, attorneys could work hard to build a case against responsible parties. An Alpharetta burn injury lawyer could help you negotiate your injury claim or litigate that claim at trial.

Severity of a Burn Injury

There are four categories – known as degrees – that medical professionals use to categorize burn injuries. First-degree burns are superficial and rarely require much medical treatment. On the other end of the spectrum, fourth-degree burns are devastating injuries that commonly carry fatal consequences.

A first-degree burn often consists of little more than slight redness or pain. These injuries only impact the outermost layer of skin. In most cases, a first-degree burn heals on its own within a matter of days.

A second-degree burn is substantially more painful. These injuries destroy multiple layers of skin, and lead to blistering and swelling. A second-degree burn routinely takes longer to heal than a first-degree burn.

Third-degree burns require immediate medical attention. These burns have the potential to turn the skin white or even char it. In some cases, pain is limited initially due to the total destruction of nerve endings near the burn site.

Finally, fourth-degree burns are the most severe. They can destroy skin, muscle, and even bone. Because of their severity, fourth-degree burns are commonly fatal.

Resolving a Burn Injury Claim

There are two ways an Alpharetta burn injury attorney could bring a claim to a successful conclusion: through a trial verdict or negotiated settlement (both with the use of cutting-edge courtroom technology). Settlements are common in burn injury accidents. When liability is clear, most of the negotiation centers around the amount of damages owed as opposed to whether damages are appropriate at all.

When the at-fault party is insured, the insurance adjuster could add an additional layer of complexity to resolving a claim. These adjusters are trained in resolving burn claims for as little money as possible. This could include high-pressure tactics or even deception. In some cases, adjusters might attempt to trick a burn victim into admitting fault or waiving his or her claim to avoid paying out damages. An Alpharetta burn injury attorney could deal directly with the insurance company to protect a victim from these tactics.

For varying reasons, some burn injury cases never settle. When that occurs, it falls to the jury to determine who is at fault and what damages are required. If a victim prevails at trial, the court would make a formal judgment awarding damages against the responsible party.

Speak with an Alpharetta Burn Injury Attorney

People living with a burn injury often face uncertainty about their health. In addition to the pain and disability that immediately follows a burn injury, it is also common for victims of severe burns to be at an increased risk for infection.

Treating these injuries can be costly. With the help of an Alpharetta burn injury lawyer, you could defray those costs by obtaining compensation from the person that caused your injuries. To discuss your free case review, call right away. Attorneys stand ready to speak directly to you and take calls after hours.