What to Do After an Atlanta Spinal Cord Injury

While no one suspects that they may become the victim of a life-changing accident, accidents still occur. When they do, it is important to contact an attorney who could explain to victims or loved ones of victims what to do after an Atlanta spinal cord injury. Attorneys experienced in these catastrophic cases could help victims and those affected fight for the compensation they need.

Where to Seek Medical Attention for a Spinal Cord Injury

After sustaining or suspecting a spinal cord injury, the victim should immediately contact emergency services and then go to the emergency room to be evaluated and tested to determine if there is an injury and to what extent. Depending on the injury, the individual who has been hurt may be referred to an appropriate doctor for further medical assistance, or in severe cases, kept in the hospital. Visits from neurologists or neurosurgeons are not uncommon if the injuries are severe.

Even if a person feels fine after a serious accident, it is critical for him or her to seek medical attention and not “brush off” a small pain. Spinal cord injuries can be subtle, develop over time, and sometimes not present themselves immediately. A person hurt in an accident may not suspect that the injury he or she sustained was in actuality a latent injury. Only medical professionals equipped to check for these types of latent injuries are able to assess a victim of a serious accident in Atlanta.

How Potential Clients of Spinal Cord Injury Cases Might Help an Attorney and What to Avoid

In addition to seeking medical attention, the most important thing potential clients with spinal cord injuries could do for their lawyers is to follow the instructions and advice of the medical professionals whose treatment they seek. People hurt are given instructions on how to take care of themselves and what further treatments to take, and following those instructions so they get better and minimize any further damage is critical. Potential claims holders should not engage in any activities that could further damage their spine or hurt it while they are recovering.

Why a Person with a Spinal Cord Injury Needs to Contact a Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Spinal cord injuries are catastrophic. In the worst of cases, they sometimes lead to complete paralysis in which a person is unable to move limbs and might be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his or her life. The expense associated with these injuries makes consulting a catastrophic-injury lawyer to fight for compensation critical. Even if accident victims are still be able to walk or move, they may have debilitating pain that affects their day-to-day life, which is why spinal cord injuries are quite serious and require constant medical care and treatment. In many cases, an attorney could help accident victims recover compensation for their injuries.

Contacting a Catastrophic Injury Attorney

The debilitating and devastating effects of a catastrophic spinal cord injury do not just affect accident victims. Families and friends are also tangentially affected. Because of the life-changing consequences of these injuries, it is crucial for accident victims to contact an experienced, client-centered attorney who could help explain to them what to do after an Atlanta spinal cord injury and help fight for compensation.

An attorney who takes calls after hours and uses cutting edge courtroom technology could be your best bet when fighting your case in court. When you are ready, reach out for your free case review.