Recovering After a Wrongful Death Caused by a Drunk Driver

Recovering after the wrongful death of a loved one caused by a drunk driver is never easy or quick. The grief you and your family feel is not only tremendous, but likely debilitating. Thankfully, there are lawyers who could help by fighting to hold negligent parties accountable while keeping your needs at the front of a case.

Is There Anything Surviving Family Could Do After Losing a Loved One to a Drunk Driver?

It is an undoubtedly difficult time for a family after losing a loved one to a drunk driver’s negligence or an establishment’s choice to continually serve someone who was intoxicated.

In addition to the claim against the drunk driver who will always be responsible for the wreck, there may also be other claims against third parties. These cases are commonly known as dram shop lawsuits. Sometimes, if the circumstances warrant there may be a case against a restaurant, bar, or convenience store. In some specific cases, a host of a party who continued to serve alcohol could be liable for the tragic events that took place afterward.

Recoverable Compensation Following a Loss

The damages, commonly known as recoverable losses, available to the surviving family of someone who was killed by a drunk driver are a little bit different than damages from a typical car accident. In Georgia, the damages that are available for a wrongful death are based on the value of the person’s life, whoever died. Simply, it is the value of a victim’s life. For surviving family members, the damages are not based upon how much they miss that person. Rather, the loss is viewed from the perspective of the deceased and what that person is missing out on due to his/her death.

What Makes Drunk Driving Fatality Cases Unique

There are a couple of things about these cases that make them unique from other accident cases. There could be many parties involved in a drunk driving fatality case, and an attorney would be necessary to vet responsible parties.

Additionally, the types of losses in these cases are exceptionally unique. How does someone put a number and value to someone’s life? This is challenging to do.

With regards to insurance companies and damages, these crashes often directly impact what could be recovered. With evidence quickly deteriorating in quality, it only becomes more important for surviving families to have an attorney at the ready.

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Recovering after a wrongful death caused by a drunk driver is no easy task. The grief you and your loved ones feel is tremendous, and compensation might not be the first priority for you. However, it is important to recognize that compensation could help you move beyond this tragedy. With the help of a dedicated team of attorneys willing to work with you and an in-house doctor, you could bring a claim against negligent parties and your attorneys could present evidence using cutting edge technology.

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