Atlanta Incorrect Dosage Error Cases

One of the most common medication errors that attorneys see is a patient being given the wrong dosage of a medication—for instance, the doctor wants the patient to take 5 milligrams of a drug, but the pharmacy prescribes 50 milligrams instead. When a pharmacy incorrectly fills a medication in an incorrect dosage than what was prescribed by the physician, that would be an incorrect dosage case.

Incorrect dosage errors cases in Atlanta are by the most common type of medication error case that client-centered lawyers see in their practices. It happens a lot and it can happen at any point in the prescription process, from the doctor writing something down incorrectly to a nurse or pharmacy tech reading it incorrectly, so successfully proving fault and recovering compensation can be a complex endeavor. To help with recovery, choose to work with a team of caring professionals who could utilize the experience of an in-house medical professional and cutting-edge technology.

The Dangers of Incorrect Dosages

If someone is prescribed a medication for an illness, but is given too little of the medication, an underlying condition could go untreated. Depending on the severity of the illness or condition, that could lead to grave consequences.

Conversely, if someone is given an overdose of a medication, that could end up being a fatal mistake. For example, certain opioids when prescribed at the correct dosages can help relieve pain, but if they are prescribed at too high of a dosage, they can lead to what is called respiratory depression, which can lead to respiratory failure where you stop breathing.

To avoid either of these outcomes, it is very important that the correct dosage of medications is prescribed by doctors, filled by pharmacies, and taken by patients in Atlanta, especially those who are underage. Children’s bodies are much smaller than those of grownups, so they are particularly susceptible to an overdose of medication. While an adult body might better tolerate an incorrect dosage, a child is more at risk of having a bad reaction to an incorrect dosage.

Steps to Pursuing an Incorrect Dosage Claim

In order to recover compensation following an incorrect dosage error in Atlanta, it is important to gather all available evidence that could identify medical negligence at some point during the prescription process. This can include but is not limited to medical records from a hospital or clinic, pharmacy records, and physical evidence like medication bottles and packaging.

Records from healthcare providers will indicate what physicians wanted patients to take and what was actually ordered, while documentation from the pharmacy can clarify what information was relayed to them and how it was handled on their end. Finally, the bottle of medication itself—ideally with the medication still in it—would show what medication was given, at what dosage, and instructions for how it was to be taken.

In addition, testimony from fact witnesses and damages witnesses may be necessary to show how the error in question has impacted the victim and what damages for which he or she should be able to recover. Expert testimony can also be critical, as a medical expert can explain to a court what the proper dosage of the medication in question should be, how the related error occurred, and how that error constituted a violation of the standard of care and directly caused the patient’s injuries.

Talk to Legal Counsel about Incorrect Dosage Error Claims in Atlanta

Incorrect dosages of medication can have catastrophic or even lethal consequences on people, particularly children. If you think you fell victim to an incorrect dosage error in Atlanta, it may be important that you seek legal consultation promptly so that your case can be investigated and filed within the necessary time limits.

An experienced Atlanta lawyer could perform a thorough investigation to determine if there was an actionable error. If so, legal professionals could assemble the necessary evidence to prove that error, determine who in the prescribing process was responsible for the incorrect dosage, and work with you to file a timely lawsuit that preserves your rights and allows you to effectively pursue compensation for your injuries. Call at any time to talk directly to an attorney who offers free case reviews.