Fatalities from Motorcycle Accidents in Atlanta

When life takes a turn for the worse, you may understandably not be looking to navigate a civil claim. However, if you do desire to hold the negligent party responsible for causing the death of your loved one, then you need to consider working with an attorney. Fatalities from motorcycle accidents in Atlanta are almost always preventable, which means that when they do happen, there is a significant likelihood that someone was responsible. The law provides you a means to hold those people accountable for their actions. Exercise your rights with a team of attorneys who could place your needs at the front, gather evidence, draft a claim, and present your case with cutting-edge technology in either negotiations or court.

When Does a Motorcycle Accident Become a Wrongful Death Case?

Motorcycle drivers are exposed and vulnerable by virtue of what they are riding, and because they do not have the same protection as somebody in a car, they are exposed to the elements of the road. Many drivers on the roads are not paying attention or looking for motorcycles and this often leads to catastrophic results for riders of motorcycles. Unfortunately, because of the lack of protection from the frame of a car and all things that a passenger car has, motorcycle wrecks more often lead to death than car wrecks.

Negligence in Biker Wrecks

If someone is negligent on the road, it is going to impact the motorcycle rider a lot more than a passenger in a vehicle.  Even at low speeds, an accident could be fatal to a motorcycle rider by causing head trauma or internal trauma and then hitting the pavement. That could result in serious injury or death to the motorcycle rider.

Two-Party Lawsuits and Settlements

Motorcycle accidents are usually a two-party car wreck, but it could also be as a result of a defect in the bike itself or negligent repair work done on the bike. Potential wrongdoers in a lawsuit would include the other driver, the manufacturer of the motorcycle, repair facilities, faulty tires of a tire company, or other potential parties involved. Fatalities from Atlanta motorcycle accidents caused by third-party entities could still be sought and held accountable with the aid of a lawyer and in-house medical professional who could attest to the cause of death through expert testimony.

Safety Measures Manufacturers Are Required to Check

Motorcycles have come a long way in terms of safety measures. Most, if not all, of the motorcycles that are on the road today have a different braking system, traction system, and stability system; all of which need to be checked by manufacturers to make sure they are appropriately functioning prior to being sold.

Recoverable Losses That Could Be Sought By Surviving Heirs

Like any wrongful death case, there are multiple claims that could be brought for the full value of the life of the deceased, whether they were in a car, truck, or on a motorcycle. These claims would be for economic damages:

  • The loss of future income of the person
  • The loss of their services
  • The intangible components of the person’s life
  • That person not being able to walk their child down the aisle
  • That person not being able to enjoy life
  • That person not being able to take vacations
  • That person not being able to enjoy daily living
  • Funeral costs
  • Medical bills incurred
  • Conscious pain and suffering.

Those are some of the available damages for an individual who has been in a fatal motorcycle accident.

Speak with an Attorney Directly for Legal Help

Losing a loved one is never easy, least of all when your loved one was lost due to the irresponsible actions of another. While a civil claim may not be something you look forward to, it is something that could help bring closure for you and your family. The law provides a means to hold drivers responsible for fatalities in Atlanta motorcycle accidents accountable for their actions. All that is required of you is to reach out to a team of attorneys who could place your needs at the forefront of your case, call at any hour, and review your case for free with them.