Augusta Anesthesia Errors Lawyer

To accomplish successful surgeries, surgeons rely on the skills of an anesthesiologist. These are contracted doctors who specialize in administering drugs in such a way as to make a surgery safer, more comfortable and more effective. Sadly, these professionals are prone to mistakes just like any other. These mistakes often have a catastrophic effect on a person’s health.

An Augusta anesthesia errors lawyer may be able to help investigate anesthesiologists if their errors resulted in your injuries. Client-centered attorneys could work as a team to identify correct wrongdoers, analyze their actions, and even locate qualified experts to testify in court on your behalf.

Why Is an Anesthesia Error Dangerous?

The role of an anesthesiologist during any surgical procedure cannot be understated. In cases where only local anesthesia is required, such as a minor knee surgery, the surgeon may rely on an anesthesiologist to numb the area so that the patient cannot feel pain. This is essential both for the patient’s comfort and so that the surgeon could work on a non-moving target. A failure to properly numb the area may result in unnecessary pain as well as a failed surgery.

Anesthesiologists also perform a key role when a procedure requires the patient to be unconscious. Here, the doctor must apply drugs in such a way as to not allow the patient to awaken during the procedure. However, the medication cannot be so strong as to place the patient into a coma. An improper application of medication is a major source of anesthesiologist medical malpractice claims. An Augusta anesthesia errors lawyer could help to explain the roles of these doctors and how they may have committed malpractice through an anesthesia error.

If a claim is found to have valid grounds for a lawsuit, an attorney could consult with experts who can sign an affidavit that must be filed with the lawsuit. Importantly, victims found to have grounds for a lawsuit may be entitled to compensation for damages they have endured. Fortunately for those who have endured such negligence, the Georgia Supreme Court removed limits to non-economic damages a person could claim in a case.

When Might an Anesthesiologist be Responsible?

Anesthesiologists have the same legal responsibilities as all other doctors. Namely, they must practice medicine with an appropriate level of skill and care according to O.C.G.A. §51-1-27. However, just because an outcome is negative does not mean that malpractice has occurred.

Victims in medical malpractice cases must prove that a doctor’s actions fell below this acceptable standard of care. To accomplish this, victims must work with a qualified medical expert. Indeed, under O.C.G.A. §9-11-9.1, victims of negligence cannot even file a complaint in court without first hiring one of these expert witnesses.

What makes an expert a witness? This expert must be able to examine the medical records in the case and provide his or her opinion as to whether malpractice took place. Under state law, this expert must, therefore, be an expert in the medical field in question. In most cases, that means a medical malpractice claim against an anesthesiologist must rely on the analysis and opinion of an anesthesiology expert.

This expert may opine that a wrongdoer overdosed a patient during a procedure. He or she could help provide insight as to the correct dosage in this scenario as well as testify as to how the negligent person should have recognized and corrected the mistake. An Augusta anesthesia errors lawyer could help individuals to hire qualified expert witnesses who are necessary to prove their claims.

Let an Augusta Anesthesia Errors Lawyer Help

Taking on a contracted hospital employee after suffering an injury is an intimidating prospect. These professionals have extensive legal resources and often fight to protect their reputations and careers. However, this does not mean that a doctor is not liable for their mistakes.

State laws require all medical professionals to act with an acceptable level of skill and care when treating patients. An anesthesiologist who allows a patient to wake during a procedure, does not properly numb the site of a surgery, or who overdoses a patient into a coma may certainly fail in that responsibility.

An Augusta anesthesia errors lawyer could help you to pursue your claim against negligent anesthesiologists. Attorneys could work to investigate the issue, identify qualified experts to testify on your behalf, and present the details of your case with cutting-edge courtroom presentations while you focus on your recovery. Contact an Augusta anesthesia errors lawyer and speak directly with an attorney at any time to discuss a free case review.