American Hospitals Failing at Protecting Mothers and Babies During Birth

American Hospitals Failing at Protecting Mothers and Babies During Birth
May 23, 2019

A recent investigation conducted by USA Today found that hospitals and healthcare providers are failing to follow best safety practices known to prevent injuries to mothers and babies during childbirth. Some of these safety practices are as simple as weighing bloody pads to track a mother’s blood loss during delivery or timely giving a mother medication when her blood pressure spikes to prevent a stroke.

The investigation looked at more than 500,000 pages of hospital’s internal quality assurance data and looked at over 150 cases where the delivery process took a turn for the worse. Investigators found situation after situation where hospital personnel were failing to engage in best practices to prevent serious injuries. They found these sloppy practices took place at all different kinds of hospitals: urban or rural, small or large.

Many of the women interviewed felt that the nurses and doctors taking care of them didn’t listen to their concerns or weren’t properly trained to handle emergency situations. Many times, they never received explanations as to what went wrong during the labor and delivery process.

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