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Bill Atkins: A Tenacious Trial Lawyer and Expert in Medical Malpractice and Catastrophic Personal Injury Cases

Jan 24, 2023

Bill Atkins is a highly experienced attorney who represents clients in a variety of personal injury cases, including medical malpractice, wrongful death,...

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The Difference Between Good and Great: Why Settling for Good is not Enough

Jan 20, 2023

When it comes to businesses, the difference between good and great can be the determining factor for a customer's satisfaction and loyalty....

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Martin Luther King Jr., the 7th Amendment, and Personal Injury

Jan 16, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr. sought change through the use of the 7th Amendment Martin Luther King Jr. was perhaps the most pivotal...

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Nine Pillars of Trust

Jan 11, 2023

 As a personal injury attorneys, building trust with our clients is of the utmost importance. We understand that people who have been...

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5 Reasons Attorneys Refer Personal Injury Cases to Us

Jan 6, 2023

Nearly 85% of our personal injury cases are referred to us from other attorneys, making our firm one of the top firms...

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5 Reasons Why Restricting Contingency Fees is Bad

Oct 31, 2022

  Why Restricting Contingency Fees is Bad for You! I want to tell you why restricting contingency fees is a bad for...

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Misleading Medical Malpractice Articles Cause Confusion

Oct 24, 2022

  Misleading Articles Cause Confusion About Medical Malpractice Cases Articles about medical malpractice abound these days, especially during election season when health...

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Record Verdict in Psychiatric Malpractice Case

Sep 1, 2022

Record $65 Million Verdict in Psychiatric Malpractice Case Congratulations to our new law partner, Natalie Woodward, on her $65 Million Verdict in...

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