Atlanta Health Crisis and Pregnancies

Atlanta Health Crisis and Pregnancies
Sep 4, 2019

Attorneys see malpractice in a variety of contexts. But it is true that Atlanta is seeing more maternal problems related to labor and delivery processes. When women have pregnancy during this crisis, complications arise.

Prenatal care is essential for healthy deliveries. And if there are problems going on during the prenatal period that are not identified, mothers could experience complications for themselves and their children prior to labor.

If patients have preexisting medical problems and then begin the labor process, the risk of error is only compounded for mother and child.

Recent Cases of Birth Injuries in Atlanta

Well, recently, a couple of years ago, the Warshauer Law Firm represented a family that had lost a child as a result of labor process. This was in a community hospital, and the family was well-off. Unfortunately, the hospital was not equipped to handle a crisis that occurred during labor.

The mother had undergone a caesarean section for her first child. And during the process of labor, doctors induced labor to cause some stress in order to get the baby out. During these procedures, the uterus is contracting. If a patient has had a prior caesarean, there is always a risk that that incision opens up during the labor process.

In this case, that is what happened. But because it was a smaller community hospital, they did not have the facilities available for an operative suite. They did not have an anesthesiologist. And therefore, they were not prepared to do the caesarean that was necessary.

The mother’s uterus ruptured. And the baby was born, the mother had already died. These kinds of tragedies unfortunately happen, and they more often than not stem from a lack of preparedness.

The Warshauer Law Firm Seeks Compensation for the Mother’s Family

In response to the unexpected death, compensation was sought with the help of the Warshauer Law Firm. The firm brought the family’s claim through litigation. Fortunately, the outcome of this case was quite favorable and ultimately resolved.

If you need a team of dedicated attorneys to represent your needs in the face of an Atlanta health crisis, reach out to the experienced attorneys at the Warshauer Woodward Atkins for your legal needs.