Did Santa Leave a Magnet in Your Child’s Stocking?

Did Santa Leave a Magnet in Your Child’s Stocking?
Jan 10, 2018

If so, you should closely examine the magnets and consider whether they are safe for your child.  A study by Consumer Reports found that many of the magnets being marketed to children have vague age recommendations, and some have information on the package that contradicts the stated age guidance on the packaging.

These magnets can be a danger to children because they are often small and can have a force of attraction that poses a hazard if ingested.  When a child swallows a magnet with a strong force of attraction, it can cause serious gastrointestinal injuries requiring an ER visit and sometimes a hospital stay.  Oftentimes, parents have no knowledge that the child has swallowed the magnet and the initial symptoms are no different than the typical stomach ache.

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