Medical Personnel Who Disregarded Injured Boy Determined Responsible for $24.5 Million in Georgia Medical Malpractice Case

Mar 5, 2015

A jury rewarded $24.5 million to a fourteen-year-old boy subsequent to determining that a Georgia hospital, orthopedic corporation, and doctor responsible for medical malpractice which led to one of the boy’s legs being surgically removed just because of the fact that medical personnel disregarded him. This Georgia medical malpractice claim concerned fourteen-year-old Reginald Harris who fell and broke his leg. Even though breaking a leg might be a rather frequent event for a fourteen-year-old boy, it was still an extremely critical injury one that the medical personnel at Georgia’s Sumter Hospital, Albany Orthopedics, and Dr. Duncan Marsh did not handle seriously.

Subsequent to breaking his leg, Harris was transported to the hospital to observe the circulation in his leg which demonstrated numerous symptoms of limb death. Even though his situation was recorded by intake employees, medical workers disregarded the dilemma for the twenty-seven hours Harris was a patient at the hospital. When the personnel did deal with his injuries, it was very late and his leg needed to be surgically removed.

He and his family took legal action against Sumter Hospital, Albany Orthopedics, and Dr. Duncan Marsh for medical malpractice claiming that they were careless in falling short of appropriately observing him, document the symptoms of limb death, and assume suitable action. A jury decided that all three participants were somewhat responsible—the hospital at ninety percent, the orthopedic corporation at seven percent, and the physician at three percent—and rewarded Harris $24.5 million.