Renters Insurance is Cheap and Necessary

Dec 13, 2014

As an attorney who represents people harmed by defective products, I frequently receive calls from families whose apartments or rental homes have been destroyed by fires. These calls are heartbreaking. When a home or apartment catches fire, the losses are extensive, and they range from simple necessities, such as clothes, to priceless sentimental items, like family photographs, children’s artwork and family heirlooms. Fires can be started by all kinds of defective produces. I have spoken with people whose homes have burned as a result of defective clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators, electric blankets, propane tanks, pedestal fans, air conditioners and other products. When people have been injured or killed in these fires, our firm has been able to help families receive compensation for their losses.

Often, however, I receive calls from families who have simply lost their property. The fact that no one was injured is great news, of course. But the loss of property can be devastating, even if it is not as bad as seeing a loved one injured or killed. Unfortunately, when the only damages are to property, we are often unable to help victims. Bringing a case against the manufacturer of a defective product can cost thousands of dollars and require several years of hard work. Unfortunately, most manufactures are reluctant to admit they made a mistake, or made a defective product. These cases are hard fought and can extract a toll on the injured party. For this reason, it is difficult to bring a case when a family has lost $10,000 of property. To the family, it is everything they had. But if we have to spend $15,000 to pursue the case, the family winds up no making any recover at all.

Given these realities, we cannot always help renters who have lost their property in a fire. But one thing always can: Renter’s Insurance. Renter’s insurance provides protection in case the apartment or home you are renting is damaged by fire or other causes. And unlike a lawsuit, which can take years to pursue, renter’s insurance offers the opportunity to receive benefits when you need them most. The best part is that renter’s insurance is one of the least expensive types of insurance you can buy. The protection is well worth it.