Tracy Morgan tweeted: I can’t believe Walmart is blaming me

Oct 7, 2014

Tracy, as an Atlanta Personal Injury lawyer , let me tell you that you are not alone. Walmart, and most trucking companies, blame the people they injure. Instead of accepting responsibility for the harms they cause, corporations in America routinely blame anyone, and everyone, else to escape responsibility. As an Atlanta Truck Wreck lawyer I have seen not just Walmart, but just about every other trucking company, use the same tactics. In one case we handled in which the front wheel of the truck separated from the truck and shot across the pre-dawn highway and into our client’s window the trucking company tried to say it was my client’s fault for failing to anticipate the 70 mph tire and evade it.

In Tracy Morgan’s lawsuit against Walmart, Walmart says he is at fault because he failed to wear a seatbelt. Really? If Tracy was driving, and Tracy crashed into a tree and suffered injuries because he was not wearing a seatbelt, that might be a valid argument. But Tracy and his party were doing nothing wrong. They did nothing to cause the collision. But for the Walmart truck, they would not have been injured – belted or not. Of course, as an Atlanta Car Wreck lawyer, and Georgia Product Liability lawyer, I have learned over the years that seat belts do reduce injuries and save lives. But not wearing one should not be a defense or reduce the damages the liable party should pay. By this logic, trucking companies could blame us for being on the highways in the first place. Or, how about arguing we should have been in a $100,000.00 Mercedes with 28 airbags instead of a $1,000 1982 Chevette? Walmart needs to take some corporate responsibility and accept responsibility for all of the damages it caused Mr. Morgan and his fellow passengers. Anything less is simply un-American.