Can you tell us about a memorable motor vehicle case you handled? Video Transcript

Dec 20, 2023

Several years ago, a case in Douglas County involved a young man just months away from graduating from West Georgia College. While driving at night, another car crossed the center line, resulting in a head-on collision. The young man suffered severe compound fractures around his ankle joint, a common injury in car wrecks. Despite the pain and injuries, he refused to sit idle.

Facing an incredibly painful injury, including torn knee and shoulder ligaments, he opted not to succumb to inactivity. Instead, he sought his old job as an assistant manager at Kroger, where he had worked before. To complete his education degree, he needed to conduct school observations. Undeterred by his wheelchair, he enlisted his mother’s help to reach the schools for observations.

This story stands out because many lawyers might have advised him to refrain from such activities to preserve his damages claim. However, he chose to live his life in the present. This decision resonated with the jury during the trial. The young man’s determination, resilience, and refusal to feel sorry for himself earned the jury’s respect and favor.

Despite the lasting impact of the injuries, including the inability to run again, the young man became a teacher specializing in special education physical education. Although he can’t demonstrate activities due to his condition, he coaches cross country by riding a bike alongside the runners. This narrative illustrates that with perseverance and a proactive approach, an injury doesn’t have to dictate the course of one’s life, and such resilience can positively impact a legal case at trial.