Chatham County Negligent Security Lawyer

People who own or manage property in Chatham County are required by law to provide certain safety measures to protect those they invite on their property. When they fail to do so, they may be held liable for resulting harm under the theories of premises liability.

Generally, a landowner or manager may be held liable for failing to protect against harm caused by a dangerous condition. However, they may also be liable for wrongdoing committed by third parties if lack of adequate security enabled the wrongdoing to occur.

Because negligent security cases involve a unique area of premises liability law, those seeking to file a claim for compensation are encouraged to consult a Chatham County negligent security lawyer for assistance. A knowledgeable premises liability attorney could review the specific circumstances of your case and advise you of your options.

Negligent Security Liability Law in Chatham County

In many premises liability situations, the landowner or manager is only liable for their own actions that contribute to the harm. As a result, deliberate wrongdoing by a third party would sever the chain of causation and negate liability on the property owner’s part.

However, negligent security premises liability provides an exception to that rule. Under this theory, the owner or occupier of certain premises is considered to owe a duty to those they invite onto their property to not only protect them from their own conduct but also to provide protection from the criminal conduct of outside individuals.

Situations in Which a Person May Recover Damages for Negligent Security

Generally, premises liability for negligent security arises in cases where the owner or manager invites members onto the premises and where the premises contain unsupervised areas where perpetrators may hide from view. This includes property like shopping malls, hotels, garages, apartment complexes, and other such businesses.

In many negligent security cases, it is argued that the criminal activity causing harm would not have occurred if the owner of the premises had instituted reasonable security measures such as:

  • Installing properly functioning doors, gates, locks or fencing
  • Hiring an adequate number of security guards to patrol and monitor the premises
  • Installing proper security lighting
  • Warning invitees of the potential for danger
  • Responding to security alerts
  • Installing and monitoring security cameras

To fulfill the duty of safety they owe to those they invite on the property, particularly at night, negligent security premises liability requires landlords to take certain precautions and accept liability if they fail to do so. For help with filing an injury claim, individuals should get in touch with a Chatham County negligent security lawyer.

Complications with Chatham County Negligent Security Cases

In any situation where the negligence or wrongdoing of more than one party contributes to harm suffered, it can be difficult to determine how to apportion liability. This can be especially true in negligent security cases.

The criminal who attacked a hotel guest or an apartment resident assaulted while taking out the trash is, of course, one party responsible for the injuries. However, some portion of responsibility should also be assigned to the owner of the premises whose failure to provide adequate security measures created an environment for the person to commit his crimes.

The amount of liability attributed to the property owner varies from case to case, so it is important for those filing a negligent security premises liability suit to understand all the factors that go into a determination of liability and ensure that the relevant evidence is preserved and presented properly. A negligent Chatham County negligent security lawyer could be a crucial ally in this endeavor.

Calling a Chatham County Negligent Security Attorney

Because negligent security cases fall within a complex legal field that differs from other aspects of premises liability law, it is always wise for those pursuing this type of action to consult an experienced Chatham County negligent security lawyer who understands how local courts handle negligent security cases and who can devise the best plan based on the circumstances. For a free evaluation of your premises liability case from a legal team who could go the extra mile on your behalf, contact our office now.