Chatham County Product Liability Lawyer

Were you or a family member hurt by a defective or unsafe consumer product? In Georgia, a product liability claim can be filed if a product caused harm to you, and you may be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer of the product.

However, if you suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to a manufacturer’s negligent actions, you may need help from an experienced personal injury attorney to achieve the best result possible. Contact a Chatham County product liability lawyer today to find out how they could assist you with your case.

Product Liability Law in Chatham County

Unlike many personal injury claims in which victims must prove legal negligence on the part of the alleged wrongdoer to receive compensation, the state of Georgia allows product liability claims to be filed based on strict liability as well as negligence. Strict liability means that injured victims in a civil case do not have to prove negligence in a legal context on the part of the accused. Rather, they must only show that:

  • The defective condition of the product caused their injury
  • The accused party manufactured the product
  • The product was defective after it left the manufacturer

Manufacturers are required by law to ensure that their products are safe, and they must provide adequate safety warnings as needed, including warning consumers about potential dangers that could arise from normal use of the product. Manufacturers are responsible in this way even after the sale of the product. For more information about product liability law, contact an accomplished Chatham County product liability attorney.

Potentially Liable Parties

If someone harmed by a defective product wants to prove that negligence caused a loss or injury, they must show that a defect existed and demonstrate how it caused them harm. A well-trained product liability lawyer in Chatham County will help navigate the complex process of filing a negligence-based claim and handle the challenges involved in doing so.

In a product liability lawsuit, the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer may be held accountable and be required to compensate injury victims’ losses, depending on the circumstances of their individual case. Compensable damages may include lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, funeral expenses, or a diminished ability to earn a livable wage.

Limitations on Product Liability Laws

Georgia has a differing statute of limitations when it comes to filing product liability cases. Personal injury claims must be filed within two years of the date the injury occurred.

Additionally, Georgia also has a Discovery Rule which establishes that reporting time for a claim is gauged from the time an injury is realized and the role of the defective product is discovered. However, Georgia’s Statute of Repose states that if an injury occurs more than 10 years after the date that the product was first sold for use or consumption, an injured plaintiff cannot seek damages for their injury. There are exceptions and variations to these deadlines, so it is important to have a Chatham County product liability lawyer look at the deadlines which apply to the specific case.

There are also some limits on damages in product liability claims if the injured person is proven liable to some degree. If the filing party in a lawsuit is found responsible for causing any part of their injury, any compensation they received would be reduced by the degree of fault attributed to them.

Calling a Chatham County Product Liability Attorney

Product liability and negligence lawsuits are typically complicated and often require in-depth investigations, research, and solid litigation skills. Having a Chatham County product liability lawyer representing you and fighting for your rights could increase your chances of obtaining a favorable result in your result.

You deserve to be compensated for your losses, and a skilled legal team may be able to help make that happen. Call today to find out more.