Dougherty County Birth Injury Lawyer

Due to the severity of birth procedures, injuries may occur during the process. In many cases, these injuries may have been avoided and could be attributed to a health care provider’s negligence. Having the guidance of someone who may have dealt with medical malpractice cases like this before could be beneficial if you are looking to retrieve damages.

In addition to recognizing the physical and developmental indicators of a birth injury, a Dougherty County birth injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation in civil court for your and your child. Contact a compassionate personal injury attorney today for a free case review.

Defining a Birth Injury

Birth injuries are defined as any physical injury to mothers and newborn babies that could have occurred during pregnancy, labor, or delivery. Birth injury claims may include:

  • Mothers who suffer from undiagnosed diseases,
  • Newborn brain damage, swelling, or hemorrhaging,
  • Skull fractures, bone damage, and nerve damage,
  • Umbilical cord strangulation,
  • Injuries and infections resulting in the death of a mother or newborn.

Many of these injuries could be shown to be a result of negligence on behalf of the medical staff and could be explored by an experienced Dougherty County birth injury lawyer.

Birth Injury Statute of Limitations

O.C.G.A. §9-3-71 states that injuries or deaths resulting from medical negligence must be filed within two years of the date of the incident where the malpractice occurred prior to the child’s fifth birthday, the lawsuit could be filed up until the child’s seventh birthday.

A Dougherty County birth injury attorney could go the extra mile and work to obtain medical records from the day of birth forward to confirm whether a child is suffering from such an injury. With our firm’s in-house medical professional, our attorneys could help give an in-depth diagnosis of potential injuries sustained.

Compensation Available in Birth Injury Cases

Given that birth injuries could be life-altering and catastrophic for both infants and their families, awarded damages could be significant if a court determines that a medical professional is found to be negligent. Compensable damages would include all medical expenses, treatments, long-term rehabilitation costs, and allowances for educational services.

Although all birth injuries may cause devastation to the families of newborns, injuries caused by the neglect of another are treated differently than injuries caused by actions that are malicious, deliberate, fraudulent, or reckless, or those which were undertaken with a blatant disregard for human safety.

In these cases, the court may also award an injured person punitive damages. These types of damages are not meant to cover any current expense or predicted future costs, but rather could be thought of as a punishment for those who have intentionally caused irrevocable harm.

Gaining the Help of a Dougherty County Birth Injury Attorney

For the families of babies and mothers harmed during the birthing process, our attorneys understand that a difficult road lies ahead. The serious physical disabilities and developmental delays birth injuries could produce are often compounded by the worry and frustration families experience as they struggle to find the financial and medical resources needed to move forward.

A Dougherty County birth injury lawyer could analyze the facts of your case and provide knowledgeable counsel regarding the legal avenues available to you. Give your family a chance for healing and justice and call us today to see what our team of dedicated attorneys could do for you.