Fulton County Hospital Negligence Lawyer

While most go to the hospital to receive necessary treatment and with the hopes of healing, there is also a great risk of suffering further harm as a patient. Negligently hazardous property, poor hiring practices, and substandard training could all constitute negligence on the part of a hospital.

Determining how to get the relief you need could be frustrating and confusing after suffering a hospital-related injury. But a Fulton County hospital negligence lawyer might be able to help. A seasoned personal injury attorney could take a look into your circumstances, gather evidence on your behalf, and present your claim in court or settlement negotiations with cutting-edge technology.

Negligence and the Medical Standard of Care

It is entirely possible that a hospital negligence case in Fulton County could stem from ordinary negligence. If a patient suffered an injury that was unrelated to the medical treatment of the attending physician or nurses, he or she could bring a negligence suit against the responsible parties.

For example, if a patient sustains a fall on a wet stairway, they could bring an action against the hospital for negligence. Under ordinary negligence, victims simply have to prove that the wrongdoer owed a duty of care, that the wrongdoer breached that duty of care, and that breach directly resulted in injuries sustained.

If the injury was caused by a hospital-employed medical professional, then the claim could bring a case under the standard of care owed to victims by medical professionals. Under medical negligence, however, victims still have to prove the core elements of negligence, but also must demonstrate that an equally qualified and reasonably prudent medical professional would not have acted in the same manner or would have acted differently given the circumstances.

Types of Hospital Medical Malpractice Cases

There are many situations where malpractice could occur in a hospital negligence lawsuit in Fulton County. One of the major types of medical malpractice is called failure to diagnose. When a hospital-employed medical provider fails to either discover an illness or makes an incorrect diagnosis, leading to further injury or illness for the victim, then the injured party may bring a malpractice action for failure to diagnose.
Other forms of malpractice cases caused by hospitals that could be brought against hospitals include

  • Misdiagnoses,
  • Surgical errors,
  • Anesthesia errors, and
  • Prescription errors.

For victims of mistakes caused by hospital-employed medical professionals, a Fulton county hospital negligence lawyer could evaluate the circumstances of a claim with the help of an in-house medical professional who could garner key insights as to how this error occurred.

How a Fulton County Hospital Negligence Attorney Could Help

Injuries and illnesses that are caused while in a hospital are understandably heartbreaking. When you entrust a facility to help you heal, it could feel shocking to discover that your injuries have only been made worse through negligence.

A Fulton County hospital negligence attorney could help you hold those responsible for causing you harm. Attorneys could help you overcome the complex challenges of bringing a medical malpractice claim and advocate for your right to recovery against the insurance companies and defense firms. Reach out today and speak directly to an attorney who could offer a free case review and who takes calls after hours.