Gwinnett County Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries are probably the last thing on your mind when it comes time to welcome your child to the world. But unfortunately, birth injuries can happen to any baby—before, during, or after labor and delivery. What is worse, these injuries could have a lasting impact on your child.

If your baby was injured due to the carelessness or negligence of a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional, consider speaking with a Gwinnett County birth injury lawyer. Our team of dedicated attorneys can help you get justice for your newborn’s injuries and fight for full compensation for your medical costs, as well as for your baby’s pain and suffering.

What Causes Birth Injuries?

There are several ways a birth injury can occur: before birth, during the labor and delivery process, or as a result of inadequate or improper prenatal care. Many of these injuries can be traced back to errors made by doctors, nurses, or other medical staff.

Before Birth

If a doctor fails to recognize risk factors or warning signs, or does not carefully monitor health problems involving the mother or fetus prior to birth, both the mother and her unborn child could be put at risk of an injury.

Labor and Delivery

During labor or delivery, birth injuries can happen if the doctor uses an improper medical technique or fails to use a medical device correctly. This can lead to both physical and mental injuries for the child.

After Birth

If a mistake is made during the first moments of a child’s life, it can have tragic implications. When a nurse mishandles a delicate newborn, for example, the child could be put at risk of several different types of injuries.

Common Injuries in Gwinnett County

Whether a baby is hurt before, during, or after birth, they can sustain minor or life-threatening injuries, including the following:

  • Brachial palsy – happens when nerves in the arms and hands are injured, can affect the movement of a child’s arm muscles;
  • Facial paralysis – due to trauma during delivery, prevents an infant from closing their eye or moving parts of their face;
  • Brain injuries – commonly occurring due to oxygen deprivation, can result in cerebral palsy, chronic seizures, and intellectual disabilities; and
  • Caput succedaneum – happens when too much pressure is put on the baby’s head or when a baby is delivered via vacuum extraction, can lead to brain damage.

Other common birth injuries caused by medical malpractice include:

  • Fractures;
  • Broken bones;
  • Spinal cord injuries; or

Who is Responsible?

Apart from doctors and nurses involved in the pregnancy, labor and delivery, and neonatal care, other parties may be responsible for a child’s birth injuries. For example, medical staff who were involved during the birthing process, such as anesthesiologists, may be to blame. Other parties, such as a drug manufacturer, may be held liable for birth injuries. A Gwinnett County birth injury lawyer can examine the facts of a specific case to determine liability.

How a Gwinnett County Birth Injury Attorney Can Help

A Gwinnett County birth injury lawyer could help you navigate the legal path to getting justice for your child’s birth injuries. If your newborn was hurt due to the negligence of a medical professional, contact us to find out how we can assist with your personal injury case.

Our team includes an in-house doctor who can help provide medical insight to determine what your case may be worth. We understand the heavy burden of a birth injury. Call today to get started on your case.