Gwinnett County Outpatient Surgery Center Negligence Lawyer

If you recently suffered harm at an outpatient surgery center in Gwinnett County, a Gwinnett County outpatient surgery center negligence lawyer could assist you with pursuing financial recovery. When a healthcare provider fails to provide the requisite skill and care for patients that would otherwise be given by a reasonably prudent medical professional, he or she may be held liable for resulting injuries. Arrange your initial case review with an accomplished surgical error attorney today. Attorneys are ready to take your call at all hours and offer a free case review to you directly.

Possible Risk Factors for Outpatient Surgery Center Negligence

Outpatient surgery centers have become an increasingly preferred option for patients undergoing procedures that do not require overnight stays. These centers are often not only more convenient but could prove more cost-effective for patients as well.

However, outpatient surgery centers may be less stringently supervised than traditional hospitals. Typically, these locations are licensed to conduct minor surgeries and do not have the necessary resources to handle a patient emergency. Factors which may contribute to outpatient surgery center negligence include:

  • Releasing a patient too soon,
  • Unsanitary surgical tools,
  • Anesthesia mistakes,
  • Insufficient accreditation,
  • Improper use or failing to use a medical device,
  • Poor safety protocols, and
  • Poorly trained medical staff.

Procedures frequently involved in outpatient surgery center negligent cases include cosmetic surgeries, bariatric procedures (such as a gastric bypass), and other general surgery procedures. If patients believe that their injuries or complications were caused by outpatient surgery center negligence, they should discuss their potential claim with a Gwinnett County attorney immediately. Attorneys with an in-house medical professional and cutting-edge technology could aid victims in identifying the cause of their injuries and the possible actions for recovery moving forward.

Types of Compensable Losses

Outpatient surgery center negligence victims may experience a range of compensable losses, which a skilled Gwinnett County lawyer could help them recover in a personal injury claim. Examples of recoverable compensation may include medical bills, lost income, loss of consortium, mental anguish, emotional distress, scarring, and disfigurement. Injured victims could also achieve financial compensation for their future loss of income, loss of a bodily function, pain, and suffering.

Time Constraints to File a lawsuit

Georgia law establishes strict time constraints in which an injured patient must assert a claim for compensation with the civil courts. If someone fails to file suit by the appropriate deadline, his or her inaction could lead to case dismissal.

O.C.G.A. §9-3-71 establishes a two-year deadline in which to file a claim for medical malpractice. The two-year statutory clock starts running on the date of the patient’s injury. The same law also outlines Georgia’s statute of repose, stating that regardless of when a patient discovers his or her injury, a civil lawsuit may not be filed more than five years from the malpractice date. A seasoned lawyer could help a victim with filing a claim promptly.

There may be limited situations where the statutory deadline may be prolonged. For example, if the negligent medical provider mistakenly leaves a foreign object (such as a surgical sponge) inside a patient, the patient has one year from when he or she discovers the object to take legal action.

Reach Out to a Gwinnett County Outpatient Surgery Center Negligence Attorney

Victims of outpatient surgery center mistakes should immediately contact an attorney if they wish to pursue compensation for their losses. You should not be left to suffer for the physical, financial, and emotional consequences of a medical provider’s negligence.

A Gwinnett County outpatient surgery center negligence lawyer could be a strong advocate on your behalf. Reach out today to schedule your free case review. Attorneys stand ready to take calls after hours and develop a client-focused approach to your claim.