How do you find the best car accident lawyer? Video transcript

Dec 19, 2023

We’ve all seen television ads, one after another, from various firms that specialize in high-volume cases. These firms, typically with fewer lawyers and extensive support staff, efficiently handle smaller cases through the system. They are known to insurance companies and opposing lawyers, allowing for economic and streamlined processes.

In contrast, firms like ours are structured differently. We don’t take on numerous cases. Currently, I handle less than 20 cases, focusing on serious and catastrophic injuries resulting from incidents like car wrecks. When faced with a significant injury or a case that requires litigation through the court system, it’s crucial to have lawyers with a manageable case load who can dedicate the necessary attention to your case.

The choice between a high-volume firm and a more specialized one depends on the nature of your injury. For smaller cases seeking a prompt resolution, a high-volume firm may be suitable. However, for serious injuries, especially those involving commercial vehicles, a firm with a smaller case load, ample resources, and experienced lawyers is essential to vigorously pursue your case.