Marietta Negligent Security Lawyer

Negligent security cases arise when a property owner fails to take reasonable measures to protect guests from foreseeable criminal acts. When an individual sustains an injury, he or she may be able to hold the property owner accountable his negligence.

A premises liability attorney could help evaluate your situation and determine whether you are entitled to bring a legal claim against a property owner. For help with preparing a convincing compensation claim, schedule a consultation with a Marietta negligent security lawyer.

Common Types of Negligent Security Claims

Many negligent security claims arise out of situations in which an individual is assaulted in unsupervised areas of premises by a third party. These assaults could occur in parking lots of businesses, apartment buildings, motels, and parking garages.

Victims could also bring forth a negligent security claim if the property owner failed to take appropriate action to protect guests, customers, or occupants. Common examples of such inaction could include failure to:

  • Provide sufficient security lights or cameras;
  • Employ security guards to patrol the area;
  • Repair broken locks, gates, doors, and fencing; or
  • Warn individuals of possible dangers or security risks.

These claims may also contain allegations that property owners were aware of recent crimes in the area and arguably should have expected crimes to occur on their property if he or she failed to take adequate precautions. Given the complex nature of these types of claims, consulting with a negligent security attorney in Marietta is highly recommended.

Understanding Premises Liability Law

Negligent security claims arise out of premises liability law, which makes property owners potentially liable for injuries that others sustain on their property. In many cases, the actual perpetrator of the assault is unidentified, which leaves only the property owner as a potential source of compensation.

Landowners are required to take reasonable measures to keep their property safe from criminal wrongdoing. He or she may also be held responsible if it is found that they did not take appropriate measures for preventing criminal activity.

Common Issues in Negligent Security Claims

One issue that may present difficulties in negligent security claims is the allocation of liability among parties. When both a property owner and a third party are responsible for an assault to individuals, it could be difficult to allocate fault between these two parties. The situation may become even more complicated if the injured individual is found to bear some responsibility for the incident occurring.

Another related issue is gathering enough evidence to prove that security measures would have prevented an injury from occurring. While some security measures might minimize the likelihood of a crime, it could be difficult to prove that property owners were even aware that security measures were necessary.

If the crime that occurred was not reasonably foreseeable, the property owners might not be liable for any injuries that individuals suffered. In all these scenarios, a negligent security lawyer in Marietta could provide clarification of applicable state law and help a plaintiff formulate a comprehensive case.

Seek the Counsel of a Marietta Negligent Security Attorney Today

Negligent security claims may allow injury victims to hold property owners accountable when they fail to maintain a safe environment for individuals visiting that property. If property owners fail to meet this standard of care and cause you to suffer injuries, a Marietta negligent security lawyer may be able to help you obtain the evidence necessary to build a strong case.

Holding property owners responsible for their negligent security actions may result in compensation for your losses, but it also may prevent similar harm to others. Speak to an attorney today to get started on your injury claim.