Meet Bill Atkins Video Transcript

Dec 12, 2023

Meet Bill Atkins Video Transcript

I’m getting old; I went to Emory Law School and graduated in the last century. I was a prosecutor for about three and a half years, where I learned to love trying cases to juries and became fairly good at it. After leaving my role as a prosecutor, I transitioned to civil practice in 2000, gaining a reputation as a tenacious trial lawyer. Over the next 10-15 years, I tried cases in various fields and locations, including Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, and throughout Georgia, with a focus on employment discrimination, civil rights, and medical malpractice.

Juries consistently returned multi-million-dollar verdicts in my medical malpractice cases. I’ve also secured multi-million-dollar settlements in commercial trucking cases, cases involving the sexual abuse of children, and a case concerning the tragic death of a child in a day care center.

Actively involved in the legal community, I serve on the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association’s Executive Committee. I share my extensive knowledge through seminar presentations on topics such as medical malpractice, non-emergency medical transport, auto and trucking issues, trial techniques, employment discrimination, and police misconduct.

In my personal life, the birth of my granddaughter Bren has been a significant event. Born prematurely, she spent the first six months in the NICU. A chance encounter with a nurse led to her receiving specialized treatment at Stanford, ultimately resulting in her remarkable recovery. This experience reminds me that healthcare professionals, while not immune to mistakes, are not inherently bad. It reinforces the importance of accountability for mistakes while recognizing the humanity of those in the medical field.