Nine Pillars of Trust

Jan 11, 2023

Warshauer Woodward Atkins attorney shaking hands with client who placed her trust in the firm to successfully litigate her case. 

As a personal injury attorneys, building trust with our clients is of the utmost importance. We understand that people who have been injured in an accident are often looking for someone they can trust to guide them through the legal process and help them get the compensation they deserve. That’s why we have established certain pillars of trust that we strive to uphold in every case we take on.

Transparency and Honesty

Our first pillar of trust is transparency and honesty. We believe that being upfront with our clients about the potential outcomes of their cases, and being honest about the pros and cons of different legal strategies, is crucial in building trust. We always strive to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their case and the legal process so they can make informed decisions.

Effective Communication

Our second pillar of trust is effective communication. We understand the importance of keeping our clients informed about the progress of their cases and responding to their questions and concerns in a timely manner. We believe that clear and consistent communication is key to ensuring that our clients feel informed and supported throughout the legal process.


Our third pillar of trust is empathy. We understand that being injured in an accident can be a traumatic experience, and that our clients may be going through a difficult and emotional time. We strive to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and understand the emotional toll that their injuries have taken on them. We believe that showing empathy towards our clients is crucial in building trust and helping them feel understood and supported.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our fourth pillar of trust is knowledge and expertise. We stay current on the latest legal developments and are always prepared to answer our clients’ questions about the law and their rights. We believe that being knowledgeable and expert in our field is crucial in building trust with our clients and providing them with the best possible representation.


Our fifth pillar of trust is professionalism. We believe that dressing and behaving in a professional manner and treating our clients with respect is crucial in building trust. We strive to maintain a high standard of professionalism in every aspect of our practice, from our initial consultation to the resolution of a case.


Our sixth pillar of trust is availability. We understand the importance of being easily reachable and available to our clients. We make sure that our clients can easily reach us whenever they have questions or concerns. We believe that being responsive to our clients’ needs is crucial in building trust and ensuring that they feel supported throughout the legal process.


Our seventh pillar of trust is reputation. We are proud of the reputation we have built in the legal community, and we strive to maintain it by consistently providing our clients with top-notch representation. We encourage our clients to leave reviews and testimonials, which we put on our website and social media, so that potential clients can get a sense of the level of service we provide.

Clients Interest

Our eighth pillar of trust is putting our clients’ best interest first. Our top priority is always to ensure that our clients receive the best possible outcome in their case. We fight to get our clients the compensation they deserve, while providing them with the support and guidance they need to navigate the legal process.


Our nineth pillar of trust is value. We believe in providing our clients with valuable resources and advice that can help them navigate the legal process and understand their rights. We strive to be more than just legal representation, but a source of support and knowledge for our clients.

In addition to our pillars, we are bound by the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

In conclusion, building trust with our clients is at the forefront of our practice. We understand that trust is not something that can be gained overnight and it’s important to be consistent and patient in our efforts. We are dedicated.