Tell us about a memorable medical malpractice case you handled. Video Transcript

Dec 20, 2023

Medical malpractice cases often stand out due to their prolonged nature, demanding unwavering dedication. The attorney acknowledges the inherent complexities of such cases, requiring 100% effort to ensure success. Handling about 90% of cases as referrals from other lawyers with medical expertise, the attorney navigates the challenges presented by intricate medical issues.

These cases tend to be lengthier than typical ones, necessitating increased resources for expert opinions and supporting materials like day-in-the-life videos. Drawing from prior experience in medical malpractice defense, the attorney gained valuable insights into case assessment from both sides.

The advent of electronic medical records has revolutionized the evidentiary landscape, enabling meticulous documentation of access, entries, and changes. This technological advancement enhances the attorney’s ability to prove crucial details about the sequence of events and who had pertinent information.

Families seeking answers often approach the attorney, looking for clarity on what transpired. The attorney takes pride in providing comprehensive information. A recent case involved a five-year journey concerning a drug treatment facility’s release of a young man without the necessary prescriptions. The documentation scrutiny revealed transparency issues, emphasizing the importance of accountability in healthcare.

The attorney sees themselves as gatekeepers, ensuring accountability when medical care deviates from the norm. In the pursuit of justice, the attorney remains unwavering, aiming to improve care for future patients who deserve better attention and treatment.