My referral fee was more than 150 times higher…

Sep 18, 2017


I thought the most I would get for my badly injured client was the driver’s $15,000.00 policy limits. On Michael’s advice, I made a time limited demand for the policy limits. Both the at-fault driver and my client were undocumented Mexican citizens. When the insurance company rejected my demand, I asked Michael to pursue a bad faith action. I was worried that the driver would probably disappear before the case ended making the bad faith difficult to pursue even if we got a large verdict against him. The Warshauer firm solved this problem by obtaining an assignment of the bad faith claim, from the driver, before the case against him was even over. Using this assignment as leverage, Michael and his lawyers were then able to settle the bad faith claim for a substantial amount in fact, my referral fee was more than 150 times higher than the fee I would have earned had my initial demand been accepted!