Vinings Hospital Negligence Lawyer

When a patient suffers injuries from medical malpractice, most people assume that it is the fault of the physician or another medical professional. While this is often the case, sometimes it is the fault of the hospital itself. Just as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers are to adhere to certain standards of care, hospitals must adhere to certain standards.

When they fail to uphold these standards, they could be held liable by an injured patient and their Vinings hospital negligence lawyer for any injuries or damages that result from their negligence. In some cases, both medical professionals and the hospital could find themselves parties in a lawsuit initiated by an injured patient. Contact an accomplished medical malpractice attorney who could place your needs at the forefront of any claim today.

Was the Physician or Hospital Negligent?

When victims ask if the hospital or physician was to blame for their injuries, the answer to this question is often complex but usually comes down to whether or not the physician is an employee of the hospital. Hospitals, just like other large companies, do their best to decrease their liability.

One way hospitals do this is by contracting doctors to practice at their facilities, but not hire them as employees. The hospital makes it clear that these doctors are not providing services on behalf of the hospital, thus relieving them of any liability for doctor negligence.

However, there are instances where some medical professionals are employees of the hospital, which makes the hospital liable. Knowing which medical professionals are actually hospital employees is challenging, which is why malpractice victims could benefit from hiring a skilled Vinings hospital negligence attorney who could draft a case, gather evidence, and present his or her findings with cutting-edge medical technology.

Examples of Hospital Negligence in Vinings

When a hospital fails to provide care that is necessary, its negligence leaves it liable for any patient’s injuries that follow as a result. Common ways that a hospital might fail to provide an adequate standard of care include:

  • Understaffing;
  • Underqualified personnel;
  • Negligent hiring practices;
  • Unsanitary conditions;
  • Failing or inadequate equipment;
  • Failing to provide staff training and education; and
  • Failing to have and practice disaster management plans.

In most cases, these examples do not involve the negligence or mistakes of healthcare providers or physicians and can only be attributed to the wrong-doing of the hospital itself. A knowledgeable hospital negligence lawyer in Vinings could assist an injured individual in determining who is liable for their injuries with the help of an in-house medical professional who could give his or her expert medical opinion.

Hospital Negligence Statute of Limitations

If victims know nothing else about how the law applies to their situation, they should know that they are only given a set amount of time to file a lawsuit after suffering a hospital negligence injury. Per O.C.G.A § 9-3-71, injured patients are generally given two years from the date of their injury to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for their injuries. An accomplished lawyer could help an injured victim with filing a claim promptly.

Contact a Vinings Hospital Negligence Attorney for Help

Meeting with a Vinings hospital negligence lawyer is strongly recommended if you have incurred an injury due to hospital negligence. It should come as no surprise that hospitals have teams of lawyers on their side to defend them against any negligence claims. You should also have reliable legal counsel that is not afraid to stand up to large hospitals and their attorneys.

You only have a limited time to act if you have been injured by a hospital’s negligence. Get the representation you need and deserve by scheduling your case consultation today. Call today to speak directly to a lawyer who could review your case for free.