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Medical providers are capable of making critical errors during surgery. However, one of the worst mistakes a surgeon can make is performing the wrong procedure on a patient. Conducting the wrong surgery on a patient is known as a “never event” in the medical field. There are several precautions in place that should prevent this from happening.

If you believe your medical provider performed the wrong surgery on you, consider calling a seasoned surgical error lawyer from our firm. A Vinings wrong procedure lawyer could help you navigate the legal process and seek compensation.

Types of Wrong Procedure Cases

Wrong surgery cases can stem from two main types of errors. A medical provider could perform the expected surgery on the wrong limb—known as a wrong-site surgery. A common example of this error would be a surgeon performing surgery on the left shoulder instead of the right one.

Alternatively, a surgeon may perform the wrong surgery on the patient altogether. These are rarer occurrences but equally dangerous for patients. Patients who have experienced any of these types of errors should seek medical help then talk to a lawyer familiar with wrong procedure cases.

Possible Causes of a Wrong Surgery Incident

There are countless procedures in place that should prevent surgeons from performing the wrong surgery on a patient. When a medical provider conducts the wrong surgery, it is generally because he or she was taking shortcuts.

For example, if it is near the end of the medical provider’s shift, he or she may be tired and more willing to forgo critical safety precautions. The surgeon may choose not to check the medical records or confirm with the surgery with the patient before beginning the procedure.

Many of these incidents also occur due to miscommunications among medical staff, particularly when there are two patients with similar names. No matter the cause of the error, a skilled attorney could help injured patients prove the medical provider’s negligence in a wrong procedure case.

How Can Patients Protect Themselves from Wrong Surgeries?

The medical team operating on a patient should all be communicating with that individual about the procedure they are going to perform that day. If the medical providers are not communicating with the patient, there are steps one could take to prevent an unfortunate mistake.

Perhaps the most straightforward way to protect oneself from this type of error is to ask the surgeon and nurses what operation they will be performing to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Patients can also listen to the medical providers’ conversations about the procedure. If something does not sound right, patients should try to speak up as soon as possible to confirm what they heard and correct the doctor if necessary.

Medical providers often mark the patient’s surgical site with a marker before starting an operation. If the patient notices the mark is on the wrong part of the body, that would be a good time to correct the surgeon. If a healthcare professional is unresponsive to these attempts at communication, resulting in a wrong procedure incident, it would be best to call an attorney.

Discovering an Incorrect Procedure Error

Often, a wrong surgery error is apparent as soon as the patient wakes up from surgery. For example, the patient might notice the wrong arm is bandaged. With other procedures, it might take longer to identify a problem.

One way to identify a wrong procedure error is to take note of persisting symptoms. Someone who was supposed to have their appendix taken out should not still have severe abdominal pain after the surgery. Patients who notice their issue has not resolved, should content their medical provider immediately. After obtaining adequate treatment, a wrong surgery attorney could provide necessary legal guidance.

Pursuing a Vinings Wrong Procedure Case

To pursue compensation in an incorrect surgery claim, patients must gather a substantial amount of evidence. A dedicated attorney could help a patient review the medical record and all available evidence to show how the medical provider performed the wrong procedure.

A skilled lawyer might request the medical facility’s schedule to see how many procedures the negligent surgeon had that day. Testimony from a reputable witness could also help the court understand how busy the medical facility was on the day of the incident. Any evidence that supports the theory that the medical team was taking shortcuts could be useful in a legal claim.

In a successful case, the patient could receive compensation for many economic and non-economic damages, including medical expenses related to the error, lost wages, lost capacity to work, physical pain, and suffering.

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Medical malpractice cases are complex, so it is generally best to work with a seasoned attorney. A Vinings wrong procedure lawyer could help you understand the legal process and answer all of your questions along the way. Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim.