What level of service can clients expect from the firm? Video Transcript

Dec 20, 2023

Their mantra revolves around treating clients as they would want their own family members to be treated—whether it’s a parent, spouse, or loved one. A personal touch is maintained by providing clients with direct access to the attorney’s personal cell phone. This accessibility extends to the entire team, fostering an environment of familiarity and trust. The emphasis is on building a relationship rooted in trust and friendship, not just a lawyer-client dynamic. This approach is believed to enhance the case’s value, as clients are encouraged to view the attorney not only as a legal representative but as a reliable confidant. The attorney underscores the message that there’s always a way to assist clients with their concerns. Clients often grapple with worries about depositions, testifying at trial, or the broader impact of litigation on their lives and families. The attorney communicates a commitment to providing emotional support, offering tools and comfort to empower clients to navigate the legal process. The goal is to ensure that being involved in litigation becomes an experience that doesn’t detract from the quality of their lives.