Preparing an Atlanta Paralysis Injury Case

When preparing an Atlanta paralysis injury case, client-focused attorneys could gather all evidence pertinent to your case while you focus on recovery. While you do so, attorneys could then prepare for the potential of negotiations and trial if negotiations are unfair to your needs. If you suffered an substantial injury because of another person’s negligence, you need to retain the employ of an experienced attorney.

How a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Prepares for a Paralysis Case

A lawyer would begin preparing a paralysis case by understanding the cause of paralysis and having a full understanding of the facts that led to it. Sometimes, a case involves several responsible parties. The lawyer also would want to understand how significant the paralysis is, whether it is permanent, and whether there is a reasonable expectation the person would recover some of his or her functioning. Finally, an attorney would want to understand how it is affecting the client’s day-to-day life. All of these acts would help preparing an Atlanta paralysis injury case.

What Qualifies as Evidence in an Atlanta Paralysis Case

There are several types of evidence that are used in a paralysis case. One is any kind of witness statements or testimony regarding the incidents that led to the paralysis. That includes what the client says, and in a car-wreck, other drivers who were around and testify as to what happened.

The attorney sometimes needs the testimony of doctors or physicians who could explain how another doctor negligently performed surgery and caused the paralysis and the nerve damage in a victim. There also are medical records that further demonstrate what happened or the medical care and treatment that was necessitated as a result of the negligence. Fortunately, preparing an Atlanta paralysis injury case is something experienced attorneys could do.

How Experienced Paralysis Lawyers Collect and Present Evidence

An experienced paralysis lawyer would collect and present evidence by doing a thorough investigation into the cause of the paralysis and thorough witness interviews to gather all the facts of the events leading up to the paralysis. Then, they would do a thorough review and request of all relevant medical records to establish further the cause and treatment necessitated by the paralysis. With medical records specifically, experienced attorneys could rely upon an in-house doctor to provide insight to an injured person’s injuries and give attorneys a leg-up in the trial. When it comes to trial, experienced attorneys would use their cutting edge technology to present evidence in a manner easy for jurors to understand.

How Evidence Is Used to Establish Liability in a Paralysis Case

Witness statements or testimony about the events leading up to the paralysis could help establish liability. If, for example, witnesses to the car wreck saw that a tractor-trailer came into the person’s lane, causing the accident, that would be evidence of liability. Also of help would be witnesses who knew the victim before and after the accident and could say the victim walked around fine and did not seem to have any mobility problems before the accident, but after the accident that he or she could no longer walk and had to use a wheelchair. If attorneys use medical experts, they could look at X-rays, MRIs, or CTs of the spinal cord area, see the actual damage, and testify that that kind of damage could cause someone to lose feeling in the lower half of his or her body and cause that person’s paralysis.

The Victim’s Role in Gathering and Presenting Evidence

Victims play a crucially important role in preparing an Atlanta paralysis injury case because they are the holder of the information about what happened. They would have to provide complete and accurate information regarding the details of what happened prior to the paralysis, what led to the paralysis, and who was involved. In that situation, it would be the people who witnessed or who would be able to speak about what happened and what medical care victims sought, doctors, hospitals or healthcare institutions they visited for treatment. Victims should let their lawyer know all that so that medical records and witness statements and interviews that could be accomplished and recovered.

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