Settling an Infection Medical Malpractice Case in Atlanta

Settling an infection medical malpractice case in Atlanta could be made easier with an attorney’s help. A legal representative could work to protect your rights and advocate for your needs.

A settlement could help you make a financial recovery and return you closer to as things were prior to a doctor’s negligence caused your losses.

What is the Settlement Process for an Infection Case?

A medical malpractice case could be settled at any time during the life of the case when the parties are willing to settle. It does require both sides being interested in settling the case. The process could unfold in various ways. Sometimes the parties, through their attorneys, informally negotiate and try to arrive at an amount of compensation that is agreeable to both sides.

Most often, what happens is the parties engage a neutral third party offered through mediation. In that process, that neutral third party, who does not take sides in the dispute, works with the parties and help them, hopefully, come to a mutual agreement to settle the case.

Those are the two primary ways the case is settled, although there are many others. The most important component is that both sides are ready and willing to settle.

Factors that Alter Negotiations

There are factors that alter how the case is settled. There are certain scenarios that are more likely to lead to settlement than others. If the parties are motivated and interested in settling, that is a factor that plays into how a case settles. If the facts are hotly disputed, that can be a factor. Typically, if there is a lot of disagreement as to what happened, settling an infection medical malpractice case in Atlanta becomes more challenging because there are going to be differing views on the likelihood of success of one party over the other.

Also, the understanding of the damages is a factor that could alter how a case is settled. If everybody has an understanding of what the damages are and the cost of those economic damages, the case may be a little easier to settle. If the damages are not well understood, it may lead to parties overselling the case or not properly valuing the damages to the victim.

Types of Compensation a Victim Could Recover

In infection medical malpractice cases, economic and non-economic damages are available.

Examples of Economic Damages

Economic damages are hard costs; those things that are capable of being calculated. For example, if due to a misdiagnosis of an infection, victims are out of work for 4 months while they recover and recuperate, they could figure out how much money they would typically make in a 4-month period and that amount of money would be their lost wages.

Similarly, if, as a result of the infection, they had to have several more surgeries and they had to seek medical care with infectious disease specialists, the medical bills related to that would all be their medical expenses, which could also be recovered.

Non-Economic Losses

Victims’ non-economic damages would be the things that are not as easily calculated. The main one that people are aware of is mental and physical pain and suffering. The pain and suffering that a victim endured due to a misdiagnosis, loss of capacity to work, and the loss of enjoyment of life are damages that do not have a ready number assigned to them and are considered non-economic damages. Ultimately, they are determined by a jury if a case does not settle.

Do Most Cases Settle or Go to Trial?

The vast majority cases of infection medical malpractice cases in Atlanta do settle. That is often the case because the parties realize that going to trial is always a risk and that one side would lose. As a result, most cases do end up settling.

Learn More About Settling an Infection Medical Malpractice Case in Atlanta

Settling an Atlanta infection medical malpractice case is trying for victims and the families of victims. These settlements take time, cause people to relive the pain they endured, and more often than not, create contention. That said, they also offer closure. With the help of a dedicated attorney, in-house medical professional, and cutting-edge technology, victims could bolster their chances of a favorable settlement. Reach out to an attorney who takes calls after hours and for your free case review.