Appealing an Atlanta Cancer Medical Malpractice Case

Simply because you are dissatisfied with your courtroom outcome does not mean that you are able to appeal your ruling. However, if you know or suspect that mistakes were made during your civil trial, you need to speak with an attorney about appealing your Atlanta medical malpractice case. An attorney could bring a fresh perspective on your case and argue for the compensation and needs that you have. In addition, seasoned counsel could also file all the appropriate motions and bring your case to the attention of the relevant courts.

First Steps When Appealing a Cancer Medical Malpractice Case

The first step that should be taken when trying to appeal to a cancer medical malpractice case is seeing whether or not there are any appealable issues or errors. Just because something has not gone the way that victims wish or their attorneys have anticipated does not mean that they have an appealable issue. Appeals require there to have been an error made by the trial court that creates an issue that they could appeal. If there is an issue, then, depending on the type of appeal, some type of notice has to be filed with the trial court to let the court know that they are looking to challenge the issue.

It is recommended, but not required, that a thorough record of the underlying matter is sent to the appellate court so that the court has all the information that it needs to make a decision on a victim’s appealable issue.

Could Appealing a Case Change the Outcome of Compensation?

Appealing a case could cause a change in any potential damages. Depending on the result of the appeal, some damages may be thrown out or limited. Certain claims could be lost or regained on appeal. It depends on what the issues are that are appealed.

What Happens After an Appeal Fails

In the event that an appeal is not successful, other steps could be taken. There are different levels of the appellate court. For example, in Georgia, the first appeal in a medical malpractice case would go to the Georgia Court of Appeal and if attorneys and victims are not successful there, they could take the next step which would be to appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court and argue their appeal there and see if they would consider it.

Are Wrongdoers Able to Appeal a Case?

After a person wins an appeal, a negligent party could appeal that Atlanta cancer medical malpractice case. By the same token, if the negligent parties were unable to win at that first level of appeal, they could choose to take an appeal to the next level at the Georgia Supreme Court.

Let an Attorney Help Appeal an Atlanta Cancer Medical Malpractice Case

An Atlanta medical malpractice attorney could appeal a case by thoroughly looking at the trial court record and reviewing what happened at the trial court. A team of client-centered attorneys could then identify any errors that could be appealed, determine what the likelihood of a successful appeal would be, ensure that an adequate record is prepared that goes up to consider that issue, and then thoroughly brief and argue that issue to the appellate court. With the help of an in-house medical professional, attorneys could offer new information about your injuries and present it with cutting edge technology in court.

Do not feel discouraged by an unfavorable verdict if you know that there were mistakes in your trial. Let an attorney represent you. Call at any hour to speak directly to an attorney and receive your free case review today.