Atlanta Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Learning of a cancer diagnosis is horrifying. Worse is when a doctor from an earlier visit disregarded the care you needed and misdiagnosed your cancer. This misdiagnosis likely cost you time that could have been spent treating your ailment. When this happens, working with an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could help you recover the compensation you need from responsible parties. While monetary compensation cannot bring back lost time, it could help you address medical expenses for treatment. Choose to work with a team of attorneys who could rely on cutting edge technology and place your needs at the forefront of a case.

Common Forms of Misdiagnosis for Cancer

Common misdiagnosis for cancer include cysts and breast lumps that are diagnosed as non-cancerous when they really are cancerous. Colorectal cancer js often be misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome or ulcerative colitis. Pancreatic cancers could be misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. Lung cancers could be misdiagnosed as pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, or bronchitis.

Law firms tend to see quite a few cancer misdiagnosis cases. Some studies suggest that one-third of cancers are misdiagnosed but then there are other studies that say the rate is much more likely to be 10% or less.

Those who are misdiagnosed are eligible to take legal action. Cancer is extremely serious and timely treatment again is the key to success. If a person had a misdiagnosis and delayed treatment, he or she should absolutely consult an attorney to see if he or she has a valid legal claim. In addition to consulting an attorney, victims should also consider working with an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney that could rely on the experience of an in-house doctor.

Types of Medical Diagnostic Errors

The different types of medical diagnostic errors are delayed diagnosis, where the diagnosis should have been made earlier. Misdiagnosis is when someone is diagnosed with something completely different. There are also situations where the patient’s medical complaints are never really explained and go completely undiagnosed. Medical diagnostic errors are a serious problem because they lead the failure to accurate and timely of the patient’s health problems and communication of the health problems to the patient.

Ascribing Fault for a Cancer Misdiagnosis in Atlanta

Physician’s assistants and/or nurses may be at fault for the misdiagnosis. They may have failed to report signs and symptoms to a physician, radiologist, or lab technician who may have failed to report critical findings and test results to the patient or to the requesting physician. Hospitals could be at fault where the critical testing was done and they also did not report it to the patient or to the responsible physician. In events such as these, it is critical that people who have suffered a misdiagnosis work with an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyer.

Next Steps After Discovering a Misdiagnosis

After discovering a misdiagnosis, the most important and the first thing patients should do is make sure that they are receiving treatment from a competent physician or cancer specialist and that their medical care is in good hands. After that, they should contact an attorney to see whether or not they have a valid claim.

Victims should file a lawsuit if the misdiagnosis has led to a delay that resulted in their cancer growing or spreading, and therefore significantly causing them harm. That is absolutely a situation where they should look into filing a lawsuit for about delaying a treatment that caused cancer to grow or spread.

Talk to a Team of Client-Centered Attorneys

When a doctor fails to recognize the symptoms of cancer, patients suffer. A careless mistake by a medical professional takes time away from victims like you that could have been spent seeking the treatment that you need. When events like these happen, an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could be of help. A compassionate attorney could work to hold these negligent medical professionals accountable for disregarding the attention you needed. Call today to speak to an attorney directly and at any time for your free case review.