Atlanta Heart Attack Medical Malpractice Settlements

A drawn-out trial does not always suit the needs of victims like yourself looking to hold negligent parties responsible for their actions. However, settlements for heart attacks caused by medical malpractice in Atlanta does offer a more expedited route for recover that may benefit you more than a trial. However, negotiations do not always mean that a negligent party is willing to offer a fair value for the pain you or a loved one has endured. To vet these offers, trust in the experience a team of lawyers could offer you. Attorneys with medical malpractice case experience could place your needs at the forefront of settlement negotiations while vying for the compensation you need.

How Medical Malpractice Cases Settle Outside of Court

Anytime the parties are interested in pursuing a settlement from an Atlanta heart attack medical malpractice case, they are able to engage in negotiations. That typically begins with one party suggesting an amount of money for compensation. The other party would then typically respond with a number he or she feels the case is worth, and the parties then negotiate between those numbers. Sometimes an independent third party called a mediator is called in and helps the parties negotiate and come to a number that everybody is able to agree on.

The factors on how the case is settled include the strengths of the case, in particular, the strength of liability, the strength of the other side’s defenses, how disputed the facts are, the expert testimony, and the individual parties. For the majority of Atlanta medical malpractice victims of heart attacks, settlements are more common than trials. However, this does not stop dedicated attorneys from gathering all the necessary data relevant to a victim’s case and preparing with the same effort as if they were going to trial. With the help of an in-house medical professional, attorneys could asses the losses and pain that a victim has endured and make a claim for those damages in negotiations or present that claim with cutting edge technology in court.

Benefits to Settlements

The benefits of settling a case rather than going to trial are that a settlement is the only time that victims, as a party, are able to control the outcome. They have control over whether or not to accept an amount offered by wrongdoers. When a case goes to trial, victims’ cases are left at the hands of 12 strangers. Cases are presented to the jury and ultimately, the decision is no longer made by victims as to whether or not they accept an amount of money awarded as compensation. Recovery is left wholly to the jury.

Does Negotiating a Case Mean Less Money Awarded?

Settling an Atlanta medical malpractice case for heart attack victims does not always result in less money being awarded. There are a lot of times when a case could be settled for a fair and equitable amount of money. A jury might look at the exact same case, evaluate it, and determine that victims should not receive any money or that they receive far less than what was offered in settlement. If a case is properly prepared and presented, the amount that is offered should be within the range of what a jury would award.

Potential Problems

Medical malpractice cases are often emotional, which is the biggest problem people face when settling. These cases usually involve serious injuries and sometimes death. People often feel rightly upset at what has happened to them, but civil cases and medical malpractice cases provide a very specific remedy, which is money damages. Sometimes people want to see the health care provider punished or sent to jail and money does not feel like enough justice for them. They may have difficulty with the concept of settling for money damages.

To avoid this problem, lawyers often tell victims that they are not settling for an amount that represents how much pain they went through. They are not settling an amount that is equal to the value of their loved one because there is no amount of money that is equal to their loved one. They are accepting an amount to settle their lawsuit. Lawyers try to personalize the situation so victims understand that this is accepting a settlement to make a lawsuit go away and not to take away from what they went through.

Factors to Consider Before Settlements Are Made

Before deciding whether or not to settle a heart attack medical malpractice case, a person should consider what other similar cases are settled for, the venue where the case was being litigated, and, most importantly, the strength of his or her case overall, the strength of the other side’s case, a thorough and full evaluation of how the evidence of the case shapes up, and what a victim might receive if he or she were to try the case.

Speak to a Lawyer Directly For a Free Case Evaluation

For Atlanta victims of heart attacks due to medical malpractice, settlements offer one last chance before trial to retain control over their lives. A settlement offers a chance to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions while recovering the compensation needed to move on.

Understandably, you or someone you know may not feel ready to take on wrongdoers for their negligent errors. However, a team of client-centered lawyers could help you do just that while you focus on your recovery. Call today to start your free case evaluation. Lawyers are willing to take calls after hours and speak directly to you.

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