Appealing a Sepsis Misdiagnosis Case in Atlanta

When there is an error in a trial, the court permits individuals to pursue an appeal. If successful, this could lead to a more favorable outcome for the injured party.

However, without the help of a dedicated malpractice attorney, you could run into complications while appealing a sepsis misdiagnosis case in Atlanta. Consulting with a lawyer at our firm could improve your chances of successfully retrying your case and recovering adequate compensation.

What is the Appeals Process in Atlanta?

The first step in appealing a sepsis medical malpractice case is thoroughly reviewing the court records to identify grounds for appeal. Whether the injured party is challenging a summary judgment ruling or the verdict, there must be an error present for the filing party to challenge the court’s decision.

After identifying the mistake, that patient must gather as much evidence as possible to support the argument. The individual must then file a notice of appeal with the court. Finally, the filing party must argue his or her grounds for appeal in writing. Although, the court may grant attorneys the opportunity to present the argument orally as well.

The Georgia appellate courts have strict deadlines and procedures. An experienced lawyer could make sure these deadlines and procedures are met.

Potential Changes in the Damages Award

With any appeal, the amount of damages the injured person receives could change. For example, if the filing party challenges the trial court’s decision to throw out a particular claim for damages and wins, he or she could recover more compensation.

Conversely, if the at-fault party appeals a particular claim for damages that the patient initially won, the injured person could lose that compensation. It is best to speak with an attorney about the potential advantages and disadvantages of challenging the outcome of a sepsis misdiagnosis case.

Appealing a Sepsis Misdiagnosis Case Multiple Times

In a typical malpractice case in Atlanta, the first appeal goes to the Georgia Court of Appeals. The party that loses at the Court of Appeals, can then ask the Georgia Supreme Court to review the Court of Appeals’ decision. If an injured party’s first appeal is not successful, he or she should talk to a sepsis misdiagnosis lawyer about any further legal options.

An Attorney Could Help You with Appealing a Sepsis Misdiagnosis Case in Atlanta

Navigating the appellate courts can seem daunting, especially if you are not familiar with the legal system. Our team of attorneys at Warshauer Woodward Atkins have experience with sepsis misdiagnosis cases and appeals in Atlanta. A seasoned lawyer could review all case records, identify appealable issues, and assemble the court record to present a valid argument.

Once those steps are complete, a dedicated lawyer could help you prepare a written and oral argument to show the court there was an error and prove that the mistake should be fixed in your favor. To learn more about how our legal team can assist you in your claim, contact our firm today and set up a free consultation.