Settling a Sepsis Misdiagnosis Case in Atlanta

Most medical malpractice cases end in a settlement. However, at Warshauer Woodward Atkins, our dedicated attorneys prepare every case as if it is going to trial. We believe this strategy allows us to get the best settlements for the injured patients we work with.

Our lawyers could guide you through the process of settling a sepsis misdiagnosis case in Atlanta. Speak with a legal professional today to determine the right course of action for you.

What Types of Sepsis Malpractice Cases are Typically Settled?

There are certain cases that are better positioned to settle. For example, if the medical provider generally agrees that his or her misdiagnosis caused the patient to experience sepsis, they might decide to handle the matter outside of court.

Additionally, if each party values the injured patient’s damages similarly, they may agree on a settlement amount quicker than if they had gone to trial. Conversely, when both parties disagree on the facts of the case or have different views of the severity of the injured party’s damages, settling is more difficult.

The Process of Settling a Malpractice Case in Atlanta

The settlement process can only begin if both sides want to handle the sepsis misdiagnosis case outside of court. One party cannot force a settlement if the other party wants to go to trial.

During settlement negotiations, the two parties exchange monetary offers based on what they believe the case is worth. The defense typically begins with a low offer, but the injured party’s attorney could advise him or her against accepting a settlement prematurely.

All medical malpractice settlement negotiations deal with civil claims. Regardless of the outcome, the medical provider will not be put in jail, and her or her license to practice will not be revoked. The purpose of the financial settlement is to compensate the patient for his or her damages.

What Types of Compensation Could Someone Recover?

In a sepsis malpractice settlement, an individual could recover economic and non-economic damages. The financial losses for which patients might receive compensation include lost wages and the cost of medical care necessary to treat the misdiagnosed condition. To prove the existence of these damages, one might provide the other party with past pay stubs and medical bills.

The non-economic damages patients could recover address their mental and physical injuries. To obtain this type of compensation, injured parties often provide testimony about how the misdiagnosis changed their life.

Individuals might also note how much pain they experienced when the medical provider failed to give an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, they might discuss how the medical condition has negatively impacted their relationships with other people and their ability to enjoy certain activities. A determined lawyer could help injured parties recover full compensation for their damages.

Call for Help with Settling a Sepsis Misdiagnosis Case in Atlanta

Navigating the legal process can be difficult, especially if you are still in the process of recovering from a misdiagnosis. Even if you do not plan to take your claim to court, you should retain a lawyer who could help you with settling a sepsis misdiagnosis case in Atlanta. To schedule a consultation with a legal professional, please contact our firm today.