Common Factors in Atlanta Surgical Error Cases

Numerous patients undergo surgery in Atlanta every day, which means there is a lot of potential for error. Surgical error cases are some of the most common types of medical malpractice claims brought to our firm. Consequently, our experienced attorneys have noticed many common factors in Atlanta surgical error cases. Reach out to a skilled legal professional to learn more about the commonalities among these types of claims.

Common Procedures Resulting in Error

Certain types of procedures are more likely to result in an error and lead to a surgical malpractice claim. Some common types of abdominal procedures patients file surgical error cases for include colectomies, appendectomies, and various types of bariatric surgeries. Many surgical error claims also involve spinal procedures like the lumbar laminectomy.

Operation Techniques and Risks of Complications

There has been a shift in the techniques used to perform many of these risky procedures. For example, most surgeons used to perform abdominal procedures by making a large incision in the stomach to access the surgical area with their hands.

Now, many surgeons are performing minimally-invasive procedures where they make small incisions and insert instruments into the patient’s body to do the surgical work. This technique may initially seem safer than older methods, but every new trend in the surgical field comes with its own set of benefits and potential complications.

Types of Facilities Typically Involved in Atlanta Surgical Error Cases

One crucial factor in many surgical error cases is the type of facility in which a surgery is performed. More patients are having surgeries done in outpatient surgery centers, sometimes also known as ambulatory surgery centers, where they are discharged the same day.

Many people appreciate being able to recover at home as opposed to spending days in the hospital. However, some patients are not good candidates for outpatient surgery. These individuals could suffer dangerous consequences without proper observation by a medical professional after the procedure.

Atlanta also has many university and research hospitals. Grady Hospital, one of the most notable facilities in the area, works with medical students from Morehouse College and Emory University. These students learn while under the supervision of more experienced physicians.

Despite this supervision, there can be an increased risk of error when someone with less experience participates or performs a surgery. Because students have experienced fewer procedures, they are less prepared to handle complications. This can be especially problematic when the patient is unaware of how much of the surgery the student will be performing.

What Role Does Economic Motivation Play in Surgical Error Claims?

Many malpractice lawyers have noticed that there has been the increased pressure for surgeons to perform more procedures. There are various reasons why surgeons may be pressured to perform more procedures, including desires to increase the profit to a hospital or surgical practice.

As a result, many surgeons are trying to schedule more operations. There have been instances where surgeons have performed two procedures simultaneously by moving between the two operating rooms. If a surgeon divides his or her focus in this way, it can lead to significant complications for one or both patients.

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Every surgical error claim is different, but we have noticed some commonalities. The type of procedure, surgical technique, and facility can all impact your level of risk during surgery. Contact our office today to learn more about the common factors in Atlanta surgical error cases.