Atlanta Testing Error Case Process

Medical providers have a responsibility to provide adequate testing to all patients. When testing errors occur, they can cause missed or delayed diagnoses that put patients at risk. If you have suffered losses due to a testing error, you may be able to take your case to court.

Teaming up with an experienced testing errors lawyer could give you an advantage during court proceedings. Our legal team could guide you through the Atlanta testing error case process and explain your legal options.

Determining the Validity of an Inadequate Testing Claim

Not all instances of testing errors result in a valid medical malpractice claim. Therefore, it is important to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer who could review the details of the situation and determine whether an injured party has a valid claim.

Investigation of Relevant Records

If there are grounds for a case, an investigation will take place. Patients will need to provide their attorney with all relevant medical records.

Additionally, a lawyer could speak with all potential witnesses who may have evidence that supports the patient’s claim. Once an attorney gathers all of this information, it is sent to an expert who can determine if the medical provider acted outside of the standard of care.

If an expert believes there was a violation of the duty of care, and that violation caused the patient’s injury, the injured party can file a case. A seasoned lawyer could get in touch with the right expert witness to support a patient’s testing error case.

Filing a Testing Error Case in Atlanta

Once the discovery process is complete and before the trial begins, both parties have the opportunity to argue certain aspects of the claim. For example, either side may argue to have certain experts’ testimonies excluded, or the medical provider’s attorney may try to have the entire case thrown out. A local attorney could anticipate these tactics and protect an individual’s case from dismissal.

Preparing a Testimony for a Testing Error Case

Before the trial begins, the attorney will work with the patient to prepare her for her testimony at trial. This may help prepare her for what type of questions to expect from the opposing party at trial.

Going through a trial can be an emotional process for people who have experienced devastating losses. A compassionate lawyer in the area could support a patient as his/her testing error case is tried in court.

Court Proceedings for an Inadequate Testing Case in Atlanta

Before any arguments are heard, both parties select the jurors for the trial. A jury typically consists of 12 impartial people. Once the jury is selected, the judge reads them preliminary instructions.

Opening Statements

In a civil trial, the injured party has the burden of proof. This means the victim’s attorney presents the first opening statement, followed by the medical provider’s lawyer.

Presenting the Case

After opening statements, both parties present their evidence and witnesses. The injured party puts his witnesses and evidence up first.  The medical provider’s attorney has the opportunity to cross-examine each of the injured party’s witnesses.  Once the injured party has rested her case, the medical provider gets to present his evidence and witnesses, which the injured party’s attorney can cross-examine. When the medical provider’s attorney is done presenting their case, the injured party has the opportunity to put forward rebuttal evidence deemed necessary.

Closing Statements

Once the evidence is closed, each party gives a closing statement. The judge then gives the jury instructions regarding the law. The jury then deliberates and returns with a decision. It is important to note that not all testing error cases go to trial.

Settling a Claim

When a patient files a lawsuit, the healthcare professionals and their insurance company have the opportunity to negotiate compensation. If all parties involved in a medical malpractice claim can reach a settlement, there is no need to take the case to court, or to trial.

If the parties cannot come to a resolution, they will have to go through the litigation process. For people who would prefer to handle their case outside of court, a lawyer could help with the negotiation settlement process during a testing error case.

Work with an Attorney Throughout the Atlanta Testing Error Case Process

Testing errors are unfortunate events than can cause individuals a lot of pain. The process of going through a medical malpractice case can be difficult, but with the help of our team, you could get the compensation you need.

If you have suffered losses at the hands of a medical professional, you should consider speaking with a lawyer about the Atlanta testing error case process. Call for a free case review today.