2018 Wiedemann & Wysocki Award Recipients

2018 Wiedemann & Wysocki Award Recipients
Sep 9, 2019

The Weidemann & Wysocki Award is an annual award given by the American Association for Justice (AAJ) meant to recognize individuals who went above and beyond with their commitment and efforts to the AAJ Political

Action Committee to help improve the civil justice system. In the past, this prestigious award has been awarded to Michael Warshauer on four separate occasions for his outstanding work in civil courts. It is an honor to carry on this tradition of recognizing talent.

History of the Wiedemann & Wysocki Award

The award was named on the behalf of two AAJ members who were traveling on assignment for the AAJ Political Action Committee when they were unfortunately killed in a plane crash: Fritz Wiedemann and James Wysocki. The award is meant to recognize members of the AAJ who align with the legacy of Wiedemann and Wysocki and share their dedication and passion to the principles of the civil justice system.

Recipients of the 2018 Award

The Warshauer Woodward Atkins would like to congratulate the 2018 recipients of the Wiedemann and Wysocki Award:

Lori E. Andrus
Maria S. Diamond
Jennifer M. Lipinksi
Domenic B. Sanginiti, Jr.