Lyle Griffin Warshauer Featured in America’s Women Magazine

Lyle Griffin Warshauer Featured in America’s Women Magazine
Sep 17, 2019

Recently, Warshauer Woodward Atkins attorney, Lyle Griffin Warshauer was featured in an exclusive interview for Atlanta Metro Women Magazine. Lyle shared her passion for law and how she has progressed in her career. We at the Warshauer Woodward Atkins are proud to have her as a part of our team.

Humble Beginnings

During her interview, Lyle admitted that she originally thought she’d be going to med-school. However, after taking a Constitutional Law class, she fell in love with the legal field and switched her major to Political Science. Her choice was affirmed all the more after testing the waters as a paralegal, after which she entered law school. After receiving her law degree, Lyle knew she wanted to practice civil litigation, specifically medical cases.

Advocating for Victims of Medical Malpractice

Although most of the cases that Lyle Griffin Warshauer handles involve medical malpractice, she has experience in other kinds of cases. With 26 years in the legal field, she has also participated in a trial involving a wrongful death and, most recently, she has handled numerous birth injury claims.

Lyle describes her typical clients as “people that have either experienced a serious injury themselves, or a family member of theirs has been gravely injured or killed”. Children have a special place in Lyle’s heart, and she enjoys the opportunity to advocate for them as they have their entire lives ahead of them.

Lessons Learned and Advice to Others

For Lyle, success has not always been the best teacher. In fact, “some of my firm’s best results have come with second chances”.

She advises young men and women who want to pursue a career in the legal realm to be sure that it’s the path they want to take. After people know the legal field is the path they want, they should leap at opportunities that come their way such as joining a bar committee and speaking at a seminar.

Challenges Women Face in Law

Through her experience, Lyle found that women are still behind in attaining the highest positions in many fields. She notes that many experts are men, and to address this, she often seeks female doctors, engineers, and other scientific experts to provide support to the Warshauer Woodward Atkins’s cases.

Memorable Moments for Lyle

Some of Lyles best memories involve her advocating for injured victims of medical malpractice. Recently, she represented parents in a case whose child passed shortly after birth from an undiagnosed metabolic disorder. Lyle was able to win the case. In fact, it was the largest recovery for the death of a young child in Georgia at that time. She says, “what was so rewarding was the fact that my clients used the money to start an organization dedicated to improving the newborn metabolic screening process”.