Motorcycle Safety Tips

Oct 23, 2014

As an Atlanta personal injury lawyer, and motorcycle injury lawyer I’m keenly aware of motorcycle injuries. Sadly, around 150 or so motorcyclists can be expected to die on Georgia highways every year. Â The failure to wear helmets and the use of alcohol are often associated with deaths and serious injuries. But, while these failures are bad choices made by riders, too often motorcyclists are injured because other drivers just don’t see them. Because there is no metal car body protecting a motorcyclist, as doors and bumpers protect drivers of cars and trucks, the result of a car and motorcycle collision can be tragic for the biker.

While motorcyclists can’t stop drivers from being careless, there are steps riders can take to protect themselves. First, and foremost, always wear a helmet. As noted in the studies cited above, helmets save lives. Second, be conspicuous – use your headlight, wear bright colors, be loud. Motorcyclists who are easily seen are less likely to be hit by other drivers. Third, expect everyone else to be an idiot. Assume they do not see you, don’t think you have the right to be on the road, and that they will cut you off for the sport of it. Assuming the worst is your best protection from the carelessness of others. Fourth, know how to crash. Yes, crashing is a learned skill that motorcycle racers know too well. If a racer can lay his bike down at over 100 mph and walk away, it’s possible to walk away from slower speed wrecks with proper training. Fifth, in addition to helmets, wear protective clothing and body armor. Better to look like a geek than spend the rest of your life gorked out. Sixth, make sure your equipment is in good condition. Have good brakes, put enough air in your tires and check them before every ride. Get a tire pressure monitoring kit that signals you when your air pressure is low. Low air pressure can cause tire blowouts.

Sadly, motorcycle wrecks happen. As motorcycle accident lawyers, we have helped people hit by cars and trucks as well as people whose tires exploded. If you, or a loved one, is involved in a serious motorcycle wreck give us a call at War Law Group. We have helped riders of all sorts – from police officers to club members.