Words From Michael and Driver Safety

Oct 24, 2014

People tell us that writing blogs is good for business; in fact, our webmaster even provided us with a blog about driving safety. That blog is at the end of what I’m writing here. I figure if he went to the trouble of writing it, I ought to let him put it on our site. It includes some fine basic thoughts on driving safety. Like don’t drive drunk and don’t run red lights and slow down when it’s raining. As an Atlanta serious car wreck attorney and Atlanta truck wreck lawyer, I can’t argue with a single word of this advice. But, as my name is on this blog I think I ought to share some of my real thoughts about automobile safety and wrecks. Thoughts that come from helping people who have been seriously injured by careless truck and automobile drivers. If I was sharing my thoughts gained as a truck wreck lawyer, here is what I wish I could change about driving behavior: First, wear seat belts. Seat belts prevent injuries. Protect yourself. Second, pay attention. Don’t text, don’t type emails, don’t read books. Pay attention. It sounds simple but most wrecks are caused by inattention. Third, don’t drive drunk or sleep deprived. Research shows that being sleepy and drunk are not much different. Don’t do either and protect yourself and the rest of us too. I particularly wish truck drivers would get more sleep. When sleep deprived truckers kill someone, it’s so unnecessary. It’s not always the driver’s fault as their employers tell them to get the load delivered on time but (wink wink) do so without speeding. Impossible. Fifth, keep your equipment in proper condition – good tires, good brakes, wheels that are properly attached to the truck (yes, we’ve had several cases where truck wheels separated from the trucks and rolled down the interstate at 70 mph.) Finally, don’t be in such a rush. Slow down. Is it really worth killing someone or yourself to arrive on time? Just leave earlier, or come up with a clever excuse. But, it’s not fair to any of us when your bad planning or impatience kills someone. There, those are my thoughts as a personal injury lawyer. Now, here are the thoughts of my web guy:

There are thousands of accidents every year in Georgia, over 1,200 Georgians are likely to die on our roads this year, so being safe on the road should be your number one priority. Most auto accidents are caused by little things or drivers being negligent. Below are some of the common causes of auto accidents and ways to help prevent them.

Distracted drivers: These are drivers that are talking on the cell phone, reading and sending texts, or eating while driving. It only takes a few seconds of taking your eyes off the road to veer and cause an accident. If its extremely important a driver should pull over and attend to his business.

Speeding: Driving above the speed limit increases dangers and takes longer for you and your car to react to road situations. Driving the speed limit and being road aware is the best safety.

Drunk Driving: There are plenty of people that think they can drink after they drive, it only takes a little alcohol to impair judgement. The best way to avoid this is have a ride or take a cab. If you see a drunk driver on the road be vigilant and report him.

Rain and weather: When rain comes the roads become slick and hazardous. When in rain or bad weather its a good idea to driver a little slower than usual and give more room between vehicles to stop and or react.

Running red lights or stop signs: A lot of drivers believe they can make the yellow light and run the red light. Its good safety to look both ways while traveling through an intersection to be aware of on coming traffic that may run the light.

These are just a few causes of auto accidents that can happen on the road. Being aware of your surroundings and making sure your car is roadworthy is some of the best ways to be safe on the road. If ever in a auto accident the Atlanta auto accident attorneys at the War Law Group can help you with your case.